Payroll and HR Document Generation (On premise)

Powered by SpinifexIT’s Easy Documents® for SAP® On-Premise and SuccessFactors® Employee Central

A faster, better way to create and distribute documents

Creating and distributing employee documents, payroll letters, and management reports such as headcount, new hire summaries, and turnover data can be time consuming. Organizations using on-premise systems have difficulty fetching data from one source – even more with SuccessFactors Employee Central as an additional reference.

A dynamic reporting and document creation tool for both SAP on-premise and Employee Central within SAP optimises this process.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter & Easy Documents combo helps organizations create comprehensive documents, letters, and reports without exiting the SAP landscape. Easily accessing and running documents from SAP, web browsers, self-service portals, or even mobile devices is made possible without custom ABAP development and manual extracts that are both costly and impractical with the current demands for HR and payroll.

Easy Documents is a document generation tool that extends the capabilities of Easy Reporter. Looking for a stand-alone, cloud-based document generation solution? We’ve got one for you too!


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Find out how a tech company based in Australia used Easy Reporter and Easy Documents to significantly minimize their employee documents’ distribution efforts.

Spinifexit effect is 65 percent reduction in time spend on Tech company HR

Meet Easy Documents®

Time-saving document generation tool for SAP On-Premise and SuccessFactors

On-Premise deployment

Easy Documents can be easily installed on-premise without technical configuration. Just download the provided file and set of instructions, and you’re good to go.

Filters & conditions

Standard document generation tools require users to create multiple versions of a single document for employees with different employment clauses, country of operations, level, and more. Easy Documents comes with smart conditions and filters that makes the document creation process much smarter.

Multiple data sources

Easy Documents relies on Easy Reporter’s comprehensive data gathering and report generation features as basis for its fields. This means you can create documents containing SAP payroll fields and Employee Central information.

Graphs & charts

Improve the way you present data and create more meaningful documents through the addition of graphs & charts that use your real-time information. Add these to your Total Rewards Statements, New Hires Report, and many more documents to simplify data visualisation and analysis.

Pre-populate forms

Easy Documents allows you to pre-populate and output key employment forms and documents, including standard benefits, tax, or regulatory forms. This will help save employees’ time and effort and speed up processes such as employee on-boarding.

Segment and distribute documents

Eliminate manual data manipulation and merges by automatically segmenting and e-mailing report outputs, ensuring that the recipients will only receive data that they need to see.

Easy Reporter and Easy Documents in action

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known across EU as GDPR and DSVGO in Germany includes the biggest changes in data protection laws in the past two decades. Part of this is the Right To Access, which means employees have the legal right to know what data is stored and used by their organization.

For most companies, this entails compiling every information for each employee in one report, merging the data into one document template, and then finding a way to securely send these without compromising their information.

Find out how we do it in less than two minutes using our Easy Reporter and Easy Documents solutions. View the quick demo right here >>

Satisfy your employee’s Right To Access (GDPR) with SpinifexIT’s Reporting and Document Generation Combo.