Easy Reporter

Generate reports easily - while reducing risks and increasing accuracy.

Easy Reporter

Generate reports easily - while reducing risks and increasing accuracy.

Powerful & user-friendly reporting for SAP HCM & SAP SuccessFactors

Easy Reporter is designed for HR and Payroll teams using Employee Central Payroll, S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

All data is compiled in a single report, built-in production.

No ABAP is required, no Excel is needed, and no technical skills are necessary, so your team has:

Effortless Reporting Options

Easily create reports from scratch or choose from 150+ pre-delivered options that auto-update with the latest data.

Direct SAP Data Access

Access SAP HCM & SuccessFactors data directly, eliminating the need for Excel or ABAP.

Flexible Data Refinement

Refine reports with complex calculations, filters, and functions for tailored results.

Comprehensive Data Access & Real-time Integration

Easily access HR and payroll data via a user-friendly interface, with real-time access to diverse SAP HCM data sources, including seamless integration of SuccessFactors data.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Reduce report creation time, maintenance, and distribution costs.

Versatile Reporting Functions with Compliance

Create interface files, perform advanced calculations, schedule reports effortlessly, and stay compliant with regional payroll legislation through automatic updates—all without technical dependencies.

With Easy Reporter, you can:

1. Access the data you need

With access to all of the data in your SAP HCM system, and optionally access to Employee Central Data, you can easily add any of your information onto a report with an easy drag and drop interface.

* Requires Easy Reporter for SuccessFactors

Simply drag fields from any of the following data sources onto your report:

2. Manipulate the data as you need

Once you have the data you need, you can easily set the order of the fields, set drill-downs, create calculations, mappings or many more. If you’re looking for specific data, you can set Filters to limit the data you want to display.

Custom Calculations

Map values

Substring and Concatenation

Merge Multiple Records Together

Set Drill-down Subtotals

Set Filters to Display What You Need

3. Output the data as you need

Reports can be run like a normal report with a selection screen and run in real-time.

The same report can be output in any of the following ways:

For HR and Payroll professionals, you should have the ability to customize the data displayed in the report according to your requirements. Present a selection screen where you can choose payroll periods, payroll areas, personnel areas, and other relevant parameters.

    • Report output is displayed to the screen
    • Drill down into the report to display more detail
    • Display in either SAPGUI or web browsers

Grant managers access to reports specific to their teams. Utilize either the SAP Org Structure or SuccessFactors Position Structure* to determine the manager's scope of access.

Empower employees to independently generate the report using the Employee Self-Service (ESS) report output feature.

If you need to export the data to another system, you can create a file output in various formats. You can save the file locally, store it on the server, email it, or transmit it to SAP CI (Cloud Integration).

  • xXLS (xlsx)
  • PDF
  • Tab Delimited
  • CSV
  • Interface File
  • Formatted Excel


Choose to send the output via email in any of the available formats from the file output options.

All reports, whether they are output as files or emails, can be scheduled within SAP HXM to run automatically overnight or at a specific time.

Note: These reports can be easily shared with HR, Payroll Teams, Managers, or even Employees directly from SAP SuccessFactors, without the need for any technical expertise.

Easy Reporter extensions:
Extend Easy Reporter as your Business needs grow 

Initially, many customers use Easy Reporter to tackle immediate challenges. However, as time goes on, you may find the need to expand Easy Reporter for additional purposes.

With a simple license uplift, you gain the flexibility to incorporate any of the features below.

Types of reports you might need

In order to run your business, we have listed down some of the more regular reports that most customers use.

Easy Reporter comes with 150+ pre-delivered templates that you can pickup, run and modify to create your own version. These are based on the more common reports that the customers have built over the years.

Running Easy Reporter

Most customers start with under 50 reports but quickly find that Easy Reporter can create the must-have regular business reports, as well as being able to quickly create adhoc reports. 

What our customers have to say

With over 500 global customers using Easy Reporter for their day to day operational reporting you too can benefit from this.  By streamlining your reporting needs, you can free up your team to deliver more to your business and spend less time on the repetitive and time consuming report creation.

Many of our customers have now thousands of reports that have been created over several years. but to learn more about some of these, here are a few example case studies.

Interested in Easy Reporter?

Easy Reporter can be flexible on the licensing with 2 options.

Full License

Allows for unlimited reports to be built within Easy Reporter.


Gives access to either 10, 20, 30 or 40 reports to solve specific problems. This allows you to solve problems now, and if required upgrade to higher (Lite) versions or even Easy Reporter Full when it makes sense.

Want to learn more about Easy Reporter?