What sets SpinifexIT Solutions apart?

Easy to use

Our solutions are intuitive and can be used even by non-technical users. Our UI is fully integrated with SAP Payroll, SAP SuccessFactors, and the Payroll Control Center, and can also be run using a simplified Web Interface.

Faster Deployment

SpinifexIT solutions come with Express packs or Rapid Deployment Solutions. Our tools can be used within one day to a couple of weeks versus standard RDS and implementations that can take 4 weeks to three months.

Cost efficient

Save time, effort and cost with SpinifexIT’s practical solutions for SAP & SAP SuccessFactors. Installation and use no longer requires development effort as most of the most-needed reports and documents come off-the-shelf.

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Smart, Flexible and Creative Solutions for SAP Payroll On-Premise and SAP SuccessFactors

At SpinifexIT, our passion is HCM. We’ve been producing innovative solutions for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors, and sharing our global team’s expertise since 2003. We create solutions that drive process efficiency and compliance across key HR and Payroll business processes. SpinifexIT solutions are designed to simplify complex HR and Payroll activities like reporting, reconciliation, data management and document generation whilst lowering implementation time, cost & effort.

Solutions for all industries and sectors

SpinifexIt is an SAP Certified Partner specialising in offering solutions that augment and make using the SAP HCM technologies and ERP system faster, better and easier.

Our market-proven solutions for SAP HCM and Payroll improve processes by filling functional gaps in the SAP ECC 6 ERP and SAP SuccessFactors systems. SpinifexIT solutions especially help end-users to further leverage their SAP and SAP SuccessFactors system investments for the direct benefit of the organization, key HCM stakeholders, and staff.

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HR Solutions

Human Resources is the first point of contact for all HCM lifecycle needs. The demands vary from transactional day to day inquiries and requests such as Employee Documents and Forms, to Organisational requirements such as Hiring, Onboarding, End-to-end Payroll, Employee Movements, Performance Reviews, and Compliance while maintaining Employee Engagement and promoting Organizational Development.

SpinifexIT helps Human Resources teams to automate and optimize their processes by providing solutions for:

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Payroll Solutions

Running a Payroll Business is a risky and complex enterprise, that’s why having manual processes and gaps in one’s procedures can bear significant and costly consequences. Organisations who follow countries with special legislations that impact payroll are mostly at risk in terms of compliance and audit.

SpinifexIT helps Payroll teams to optimize and secure their Payroll processes by providing solutions for:

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Recruitment Solutions

Getting the Right Talent at the Right Time is vital for Recruitment Operations. But if your Recruitment Team is overloaded by administrative tasks such as the creation of Offer Letters, Job Approvals, Candidate Records, and sending out daily reports, business-critical requirements may be delayed just because the paperwork and reporting is on the way.

SpinifexIT helps Recruitment teams to optimize and automate their Recruitment Process by providing solutions for:

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IT / Implementation

The Information Technology (IT) function of your organisation supports the transformational changes your company has to go through as you regularly update your SAP and SAP SuccessFactors environments. The IT team (also includes the BASIS team) supports and managers these enhancements and updates and are constantly tasked to find the fastest, easiest solutions for the company’s requirements. This means that creating SAP and SuccessFactors reports and documents from scratch and testing payroll scenarios manually is not an option.

SpinifexIT helps Recruitment teams to optimize and automate their Recruitment Process by providing solutions that help in the following facets:

Compliance and Audit

Each country has legal requirements regarding each Employees’ Data Privacy. SpinifexIT solutions help your HR and Compliance teams to ensure that your data is safe and protected while you complete your transactional payroll processes to include testing and updates. SpinifexIT can give you insights on who has access to your data, what type of data was viewed or updated, and when the actions were taken.


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View the latest Solution Updates. SpinifexIT deploys three releases per year for on-premise and hybrid customers. Strato Documents updates are deployed on a monthly basis.

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