Life at SpinifexIT

Learn more about how we started, our awesome team, as well as our advocacies and career opportunities.


SpinifexIT started as a small company run by two people- two Darrens, specifically– back in 2002, in a small office in Melbourne. The first set of SpinifexIT solutions were made to report on and reconcile payment summaries, and have since expanded to include SAP Payroll and SAP SuccessFactors solutions to help organizations be more productive, streamline their move to the cloud, increase employee engagement and improve employee experience- while preparing for what comes next.

The steady continuous growth over the past 20 years (as of 2022) included expanding the office in Victoria to accommodate more HCM & Payroll experts and solution developers, flying back and forth to North America while establishing a new Sales and Consulting team in Georgia, USA, building a development and support center in the Philippines, and finally, growing the EMEA region from Frankfurt in Germany.

Today, SpinifexIT employs more than 100 people who are looking to support our expanding customer and partner network as they transform their HR & payroll.


With satellite offices in North America, Germany, Singapore, & the Philippines


108 Employees

Diverse nationalities
Spread across 14 different countries


43% of SpinifexIT employees are women

The people who work at SpinifexIT reflect our values, vision and commitment.

We give our best at work, do our part, and celebrate our success. We leave nobody behind. We leverage our strengths to achieve our goals and provide the needed support for our team members to shine.

SpinifexIT is performance and results-driven… and despite our extremely lean and fast-paced way of working, we get together to have fun.

Working at SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT has a consistently high employee retention rate and satisfaction rating. We want our employees to grow as we grow and provide them the opportunities to explore and master their skills.

SpinifexIT recognizes and rewards excellence and creativity. Here are some of our employees’ experiences as they grow with us through the years.

“Fortunately, we are surrounded by people who promote a positive workplace, which helps us work harmoniously and effectively even in a very fast-paced environment.”

SpinifexIT Customer Care Lead

“I left education for the business world, but now I get to mix my love of teaching with my SAP knowledge while training our customers to use their SpinifexIT suite of products. It’s easy to be enthusiastic because I’m a genuine believer in our tools.”

SpinifexIT Solutions Engineer

“It has always been my drive to create something out of nothing, and being a SpinifexIT dev team lead gives me the opportunity to make ideas into reality. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished in Strato and of everyone who has contributed to its continuous success.”

SpinifexIT Technical Lead


SpinifexIT is committed to helping its customers achieve success across their HCM and Payroll goals, and at the same time, help these organizations significantly reduce their carbon footprint through SpinifexIT’s solutions automations and digitization.

Learn more about SpinifexIT’s advocacies across environmental awareness and protection, equal opportunity, and women empowerment by checking out some of our featured posts below.

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SpinifexIT is a continuously growing organization.

Since starting in 2002, SpinifexIT has grown from a group of five product developers operating
from a small rented office to an 100+ strong team with a 24/5 coverage across seven countries worldwide.

As our customer portfolio grows and as the SAP and SuccessFactors environment and community continues to evolve,
SpinifexIT is committed to delivering high quality, value-add solutions to help organizations achieve their HCM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Join SpinifexIT, a global leader in HR business transformation, and develop your career in tech and SAP.