Easy Documents

An Innovative and Time-Saving Employee Document Solution for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

Easy Documents is a dynamic solution that uses data from across your SuccessFactors and SAP landscape to make employee letters and forms available to users in real-time. Offer letters, employment confirmations, separation certificates, staff movement letters, and Social Security letters can be generated and produced at the push of a button.

Flexible Document Generation

Produce letters that contain conditional content. Simply select a file and click a button to generate it. All of the text, logos, and graphics are immediately generated and presented based on pre-defined logic.

On-Premise or Cloud

Whether you are using SAP HCM on-premise to generate compensation statements or generating offer letters with SuccessFactors Recruiting, SpinifexIT’s powerful solution increases accuracy and saves significant time.

View Documents Anywhere

SpinifexIT’S UI5 interface allows you to generate employee documents from your browser, portal, or mobile device. They can also be accessed from a tile within your SuccessFactors screens to further enhance user experience.

Create and Distribute Documents in Less Time

Revolutionize How You Create and Distribute Employee Documents

Produce custom employee documents, letters, statements, and reports with data from SÁP HCM, SuccessFactors Recruiting, Employee Central and third party data sources. It uses conditional logic to generate documents based on pre-determined conditions, saving users time, and improving validity of the output.

Include HCM data from on-premise and cloud

Incorporate pictures, charts, and graphs

Pre-populate employee forms

Eliminate programming and data merges

Access from SAP, browser, mobile or SuccessFactors

Combine multiple files in one report




Employees Supported


Countries Supported