Case Study: The Wildlife Conservation Society


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Find out how SpinifexIT's Payroll Reporting solution bridged the gaps of standard SAP reports

SpinifexIT’s Payroll Reporting Solution Easy Reporter was chosen by Wildlife Conservation Society to address their HCM and Payroll reporting requirements due to its ability to easily create custom reports that were not possible to make using standard ad-hoc queries. This includes reporting on modules such as Time & Effort breakdown, Retirement Rosters, Federal Wage-base Reporting, and more.

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What Wildlife Conservation Society thinks about our Payroll Reporting solution

It's a 10/10. Instead of spending 24 hours a month merging and reconciling 10 SAP reports, I just run one Easy Reporter report and it only takes two hours.
Michelle Mara
Payroll Director
We used to have ABAP reports that I would run twice, and I'd get a different result each time. With Easy Reporter, I am confident that the data I get back is correct and accurate.
Emily Ramos
HR Manager