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Easy Reporter – More than just a reporting solution
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Easy Reporter - More than just a reporting solution

Experience seamless data integration and diverse export possibilities.

When discussing Easy Reporter, the conversation naturally revolves around reporting needs. In most cases, this is aimed at addressing the immediate requirements of the Payroll Team, including Reconciliation, Payroll Audits, or General Company Reporting.

However, for many customers, there is also a need to integrate and distribute information to other areas, such as SAP Analytics Cloud (or other BI Solutions), create interface files for external transmission, or enable internal consumption of these reports via Employee Self Service or Managers Self Service.

Easy Reporter offers much more

Over the years, Easy Reporter has evolved into much more than just a reporting solution. Many of our customers now use it to integrate data into their own internal systems or even external solutions.

The advantage for our customers is that Easy Reporter provides access to the majority of the data they may need to export into external systems. This includes not only the complex tables within the SAP environment but also SuccessFactors Data, and the ability to import data from external files. Moreover, the HR or Payroll Team can build the reports themselves. Once they have the data in a report, setting up the required export file becomes a fairly simple process.

This blog aims to provide an overview of some of the available output options.

What are the output options?

When it comes to consuming the reports, the first and most common option for our customers is to run them directly. All our reports are built within SAP, and our customers can use the Easy Reporter interface directly from SAPGUI, SAP Business Client, or WebGui. Typically, these users are within the HR or Payroll Team itself, and they have access to the complete solution, including the creation of various interface options.

Secondly, many of our customers want to share reports with different teams within the company. For this purpose, we offer a Web Fiori solution for Manager Self Service or Employee Self Service, enabling managers or employees to access any reports they need.

The final area involves exporting the report data from Easy Reporter. Here, there are several diverse options available.

Easy Reporter – Import & Export options

File Formats

When sending a file, there are many formats available, including:


As seen from the information above, the Easy Reporter solution offers more than just reporting capabilities. It not only provides access to the majority of the HXM and SuccessFactors data sources but also offers multiple output formats for consumption by other solutions.

This is one of the advantages of Easy Reporter that makes it the most versatile solution for SAP HXM customers.

Darren Souter

Co-Founder & Product
Chief Technology Officer - Easy Suite

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Easy Reporter Payroll Essentials for ECP
Easy Reporter Payroll Essentials for ECP 1024 1024 SpinifexIT

Take advantage of Easy Reporter's powerful reporting capabilities to get real-time data from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll with Easy Reporter Payroll Reporting Essentials for ECP.

What you can do with Easy Reporter

Easy Reporter for ECP icon predelivered reports

The Easy Reporter Payroll Reporting Essentials for ECP comes with pre-delivered reports to help you execute efficient, error-free payroll

Easy Reporter for ECP icon customize

Have the flexibility to add or remove fields to meet your reporting requirements

Combine data across your ECP reports

Easy Reporter for On-premise ready to use

Use the pre-configured reports listed below from Day 1!

Easy Reporter for ECP icon full support

Enjoy full implementation support and training from our experts to get started immediately!

Easy Reporter for ECP icon pay to pay reports

Take your Payroll Reporting to the next level: Upgrade to the full Easy Reporter experience anytime!

This includes the following reports:

  • Pay to Pay Comparison (Gross/Net)
  • Pay to Pay Comparison All Wagetypes
  • Terminated Employees with Pay
  • Master Data Audit Details
  • Retro Analysis Report by Employee
  • Payroll Summary
  • Employee Posting Details
  • Recurring Payments Report
  • Hot Pack Testing reports

What our customers say about Easy Reporter

Learn more about Easy Reporter Payroll Reporting Essentials for ECP

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this rapid deployment solution

What kinds of reports are included?

The following reports are included in the essentials pack: Pay to Pay Comparison (Gross/Net), Pay to Pay Comparison All Wagetypes, Terminated Employees with Pay, Master Data Audit Details, Retro Analysis Report by Employee, Payroll Summary, Employee Posting Details, Recurring Payments Report, and Hot Pack Testing reports

How can I get access to these reports?

To see the power of Easy Reporter Payroll Essentials for ECP first hand, contact us at [email protected] for more information and a live demonstration.

Our highly experienced team can help get you started quickly and easily.

What kinds of organizations can benefit from this new product offer?

Organizations with up to 5,000 employees who are using SAP HR and Payroll and would like to increase their investment return in SAP by reducing manual efforts, empower their business users, and automate business processes around day to day reporting

How much is this package?

Pricing is designed to enable your organization to quickly move forward with a low-cost, yet very powerful reporting solution based on the number of employees in your organization. Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a quick discovery call with one of our experts to learn how the Easy Reporter Payroll Essentials for ECP package can help you without breaking the bank!

See it in action

Easy-to-implement Rapid Deployment Solution

It takes just a day to get started!

Value for money

Small companies looking for an easy way to report on their SAP ECP data will find that Easy Reporter Payroll Reporting Essentials for ECP is a much cheaper, more efficient way than building their much needed reports from scratch.

Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting 2020 webinar image
Webinar: Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting
Webinar: Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting 1024 536 SpinifexIT

Learn the top HR trends for 2020 in SpinifexIT’s upcoming webinar on Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting

Join the webinar happening this 27 Feb 2020 at 2 PM EST to be part of this exciting discussion. 

The webinar, hosted by expert Paige Elkins, will explore the current state of HR and payroll, as well as the main HR trends for 2020. 

Find out how you can use this knowledge to leverage your HR and payroll system using SpinifexIT’s suite of HR and payroll solutions. This webinar, in particular, will feature SpinifexIT’s HCM solution, Easy Reporter. 

About Easy Reporter

Easy Reporter is a comprehensive HCM reporting solution that allows you to build and distribute dynamic and effective reports at a shorter time.

This powerful solution enables you to prepare, schedule and email over 100 pre-written reports. You can also access your reports across different devices. 

Find out more about Easy Reporter here.

About Paige Elkins

Paige is a trainer and consultant for the North American division of SpinifexIT. 

Spinifexit Paige Elkins at Successconnect

Webinar details

Date: February 27, 2020
Time: 2PM EST

Webinar: Generate EEO1 Component 2 Reports with Easy Reporter
Webinar: Generate EEO1 Component 2 Reports with Easy Reporter 1024 512 SpinifexIT

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has amended the standard EEO1 reporting requirements to include ‘Component 2’ reporting for years 2017 and 2018 – with an approaching due date of September 30th.

In this 20 minute webinar, Paige Elkins will show how you can use SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter to generate these additional reports based on Job Categories and Pay Bands with respect to Race, Gender, Ethnicity.

Register today to reserve a slot.

Webinar Details:

Date: September 10, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST (US)
App: Go To Webinar

SpinifexIT can solve your bulk report distribution issues
How SpinifexIT Can Solve Your Bulk SAP Report Distribution Issues | July 25, 2018
How SpinifexIT Can Solve Your Bulk SAP Report Distribution Issues | July 25, 2018 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Click here to register.

Date: July 25, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM GMT+10 (Melbourne)

Host: Steve Horne

Many companies still struggle with their SAP Payroll Report & Document distribution processes.

We’re here to help!

In this live webinar, Steve Horne will demonstrate how Easy Reporter can be used to efficiently format reports and prepare them for sending to a set of targeted audience on a specific schedule. He will also show how Easy Documents can be used to format, compile, and send documents to individuals and groups.

Customers who are currently using both solutions will benefit from the tips and tricks Steve will be showing during the session. Immediately apply these new techniques to make your report and document distribution processes faster, better and easier!

Just heard about SpinifexIT solutions? Learn how our solutions created for SAP and SuccessFactors can bridge the gap between standard payroll & HR reporting and document generation activities, and an even more optimised way to run HR and payroll core processes.

Find out more about Easy Reporter and Easy Documents.

SpinifexIT webinar SAP reporting best practices
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Click here to register.

We’ve identified the top challenges faced by payroll managers in an SAP Payroll environment today. Is your team experiencing the same?

Join our webinar on July 13th to discover quick and easy ways to navigate around these challenges.

SpinifexIT will be sharing the most common customer pain points, and how to address these using some of the best practices we’ve learned from our customers and years of working with hundreds of them. After the webinar, you can immediately start applying these tips and tricks to avoid payroll challenges and drive efficiency and accuracy across your processes.

In this webinar,  you’ll learn…

– What are some of the best practices to simplify the analysis of retro-calculations

– How to efficiently streamline the payroll production process

– And how to accurately combine data from multiple sources in a single report, all without leaving SAP


We’re giving away one (1) iPad Mini4 to a lucky registrant who has registered before July 10th AND completed attending the live webinar on July 13th. We will announce the winner and the claiming guidelines after the live session.

Register here to attend and join the raffle.

Use Case: Introducing SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center Integrated Solution
Use Case: Introducing SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center Integrated Solution 150 150 SpinifexIT

Quickly define exception checks and use Easy Reporter’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to proactively identify errors.

SAP’s Payroll Control Center helps you improve the way you run payroll and start achieving perfect payroll runs through proactive reporting and reconciliation. However, to get these set up, users may need some technical configuration which may take weeks to build and test.

With SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter, organisations can cut down the Payroll Control Center implementation time by 85%. Combining these two powerful solutions brings forth more powerful payroll checks which helps their payroll team run perfect payroll processes and future proof the business.

Find out more about our Payroll Control Center integrated solution. Fill out the form below to get a free copy of our PCC webinar.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving Strato-related communications, which we’ll send once a month at most. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.