Payroll Heroes 2020

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This 2020 International Payroll Day, we’re putting the spotlight on our Payroll Heroes!

Payroll heroes are experts and specialists with years of expertise and dedication to error-free payrolls every single time.

Payroll experts – aka heroes – are the workplace’s unsung champions. Working behind the scenes, they ensure payday arrives without any hitch.

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Lucie Forget Costco

Payroll Hero

Lucie Forget


1. What do you love about what you do?

The autonomy and freedom I have from my management to resolve issues, find ways to improve user experience and constantly learning more about the new SAP HR/payroll system.  

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

Creation, maintenance and support of a payroll posting/reporting interface that was able to sustain many storms (governments legal requests, user requests) that officially retired after 27 years of loyal services after the implementation of HR/Payroll systems to SAP.  

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

SpinifexIT (Easy Reporter) is the reporting tool, which allowed us very quickly and efficiently to develop many HR and Payroll in record time and made it possible to have reports ready for the Implementation date.    

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Jenn Cunningham Canadian Blood Services

Payroll Hero

Jenn Cunningham

Canadian Blood Services

1. What do you love about what you do? 

On a daily basis, I gather appropriate, useful data and create compelling reports/audits that bring efficiencies and cost saving to the organization. What I do matters, and that is a powerful feeling!

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

  • I can quickly build meaningful reports, documents and audits on the fly, often while colleagues brainstorm to identify their requirements, helping the business to better understand the data/metrics that drive business decisions.  No need to wait for IT resources or support.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

  • Developed a total compensation statement that we post using EDA (ESS). Eliminating the need for encryption. Quick accessibility for all our employees.
  • Developed audits and reports that help my colleagues complete their day to day tasks with ease and eliminated stressful and difficult manual manipulations of data. E.g. Consolidated 7 excel reports into one comprehensive and meaningful SpinifexIT audit report.
  • Mitigated risk by reducing transcription errors, manual calculations and consolidating data.
  • Automate/scheduled many payroll reporting tasks so that the data is readily available for review and analysis.

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Jannene Bliss Incitec Pivot

Payroll Hero

Jannene Bliss

Incitec Pivot Limited

1. What do you love about what you do?

I have been in payroll for over 30 years and I love my job because every day is different.

It is always busy and never boring.

It brings it challenges, however it is satisfying when you have conquered those challenges

I enjoy conveying information to employees with a non-payroll background to help them understand an issue they may have with their pay.

Working with HR and finance to ensure a smooth running business is satisfying too.

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

My proudest achievements have been mentoring team members and watching them grow and move on to better positions.

Setting up new employee agreements in the payroll system and working on projects such as Success Factors and migrating from one payroll system to another.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

SpinifexIT (Easy Reporter) is a great reporting tool.

I still haven’t mastered it, but a lot can be done in SpinifexIT – processing month and year end and being able to set up reports to run automatically at specific intervals is such a time saver.  

SpinifexIT Payroll Heroes 2020 Lanny Solley SouthWest Airlines

Payroll Hero

Lanny Solley

Southwest Airlines

1. What do you love about what you do?

I’m very lucky to have a position that allows me to draw on my 34 years of experience in the payroll, payroll tax and software development fields. I love being in a position that allows me to troubleshoot technical issues while coming up with solutions to immediate, as well as long-term, needs.

2. What are your proudest achievements as a payroll specialist?

I was the Product Development Manager at a payroll tax software company and was the chief conceptual data architect of a very successful payroll tax processing web product.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run perfect payrolls?

Spinifex has saved countless hours of agonizing troubleshooting, report runtime, and data manipulation on a regular basis.

Rather than extracting data from SAP and creating data manipulation solutions in Access, Easy Reporter allows me to manipulate the data in my report definitions.

The finished product is always accurate, runs in a fraction of the time it takes for other report writers, and is in the format that is needed for various end users of the data. A report created for the Census Bureau has saved days of balancing work that was required when the data was pulled using other tools. The Employee counts and amounts were right the first time!

Explore the solutions that have helped our #PayrollHeroes consistently deliver great work.

Easy Reporter

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Easy Documents

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Easy Help Desk

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Take advantage of additional configuration checks and proactive reconciliation features to run perfect payrolls.

Easy Balance

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Easy STP

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