Easy Help Desk

Dramatically Increase The Efficiency of SAP HCM and Payroll Shared Service Centers

Easy Help Desk delivers processes, documents, and reports that simplify SAP Payroll shared service center activities, increase efficiency, and lower support costs. By empowering the first tier of agents to answer more questions on their own, more skilled agents are free to work on more complex issues.

Faster Issue Resolution

Easy Help Desk reduces the time spent researching employee HCM and Payroll queries by automatically identifying SAP master data changes and events like retroactivity that impact pay results and highlighting explanations for the changes.

Comprehensive Reports and Documents

Shared services staff can choose from a suite of pre-delivered reports and documents that can be easily run and emailed to employees to speed the resolution of an HCM or Payroll query.

Improved Business Processes

Easy Help Desk provides a real-time view into payroll results from one or more pay periods in a single dashboard. This result is an easy-to-use platform that provides a consistent way for teams to research and resolve issues.

Time-saving processes that reduce SAP HCM & payroll shared service center efforts by more than 80%


Easy Help Desk radically simplifies SAP HCM and payroll shared service processes by allowing users to quickly research and resolve employee payroll queries from a single screen inside of SAP. Easy Help Desk empowers the first tier of payroll support to answer more questions, allowing more skilled support personnel to spend time resolving your most difficult challenges.

Answer Payroll & HCM questions in less time

Automatically identify causes of variances

Analyze payroll results from a single screen

Email documents to employees in seconds

Supports many payroll country versions

Pre-delivered, time-saving reports


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A Real Life Case Study

A customer recently performed a side-by-side study in which the same 900+ shared service center tasks were performed using both traditional methods and Easy Help Desk. The results showed a nearly 80% reduction in the number of level one agents needed to resolve the requests when compared to traditional methods

Without EHD 9.2 resources

With EHD 2.5 resources