Payroll Control Centre Integrated Solution

Streamline your Payroll Control Centre implementation with SpinifexIT’s PCC Integrated Solution

Validate and reconcile your organisation’s Payroll results and support your Payroll processes with SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center Integrated Solution. Ensure the integrity of your organisation’s payroll results with our pre-defined set of validation and reconciliation content that seamlessly integrates with the Payroll Control Centre solution.

Easy Reporter pre-delivered web reports

Control & Customise

You can modify the pre-delivered content or even create your own easily without the need for technical assistance or custom code.

Improved Visibility

Explain exceptions with the Easy Reporter Web Reporting Menus that are accessed within the Payroll Control Center.

Full Integration

Link any existing Easy Reports or Easy Documents into the Payroll Control Center to further enrich your organisation’s payroll validation and reconciliation checks.

Faster Reporting

All exceptions come with the ability to report on the SAP Payroll Decluster Tables. If you also have the SAP HANA database, the exception checks and reports deliver huge performance improvements.

Start running perfect payroll processes now

An easy-to-use solution to help you ensure the integrity of your payroll results

SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Centre Integrated Solution allows you to use and modify pre-delivered integrated content and create additional validation and reconciliation checks without technical configuration or transports between different landscapes.

Reduce implementation time

Use multiple methods of validating data & payroll

Future-proof your payroll

Eliminate need for technical assistance

Web reporting

Empower your Payroll Team




Employees Supported



Support your organisation’s payroll processes

SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Centre works best with Easy Reporter, but can still be used on its own for validation and reconciliation checks

Quickly define exception checks and use Easy Reporter’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to proactively identify errors. SAP’s Payroll Control Center helps you improve the way you run payroll and start achieving perfect payroll runs through proactive reporting and reconciliation. However, to get these set up, users may need some technical configuration which may take weeks to build and test. 

With SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter, organisations can cut down the Payroll Control Center implementation time by 85%. Combining these two powerful solutions brings forth more powerful payroll checks which helps their payroll team run perfect payroll processes and future proof the business.