SpinifexIT, in partnership with One Tree Planted, plants 200 trees in Australia

SpinifexIT, in partnership with One Tree Planted, plants 200 trees in Australia

SpinifexIT, in partnership with One Tree Planted, plants 200 trees in Australia 150 150 SpinifexIT

In 2021, SpinifexIT’s Strato solution suite for SAP SuccessFactors document automation and generation saved a total of 2 million sheets of paper from being used and printed on.

Two million sheets is equivalent to 200 trees being saved from being put to use to print offer letters, contracts, and many other HR and payroll documents.

To thank our customers for choosing Strato, and to further offset our carbon footprint, we’ve partnered up with One Tree Planted to save the Australian forests from further deforestation and to help restore its habitats vital for Australia’s diverse wildlife.

Tree planting initiatives like these will not only protect the Australian wildlife today, but would also reduce the risk of catastrophic impact from wildfires and other climate change related disasters in the future. This Valentine’s Day, we have donated 200 trees to the organization to match the number of trees saved by our Customers through the use of Strato.

Strato Solution Architect Gregory Tutt shares, “Aside from the many benefits of digitizing HR and Payroll documents, we also looked into Strato’s potential environmental impact. We have had customers who regularly have to print pay slips, offer letters, and contracts all the time, and when there are some things that require changing or updating, these have to be reprinted and sometimes mailed over once again. By automating the document generation process and removing the manual steps around it that may lead to potential errors, and by making pertinent employee documents easily available for electronic signing, sending, and safekeeping, we incrementally make a positive impact not only to our customers’ productivity metrics and cost savings. We also make our world – our only home – more livable not just for us, but also for the diverse species that inhabit it with us today and in the future.”

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