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SAP payroll customers’​ top strategy is to keep “a single point of truth”​

SAP payroll customers’​ top strategy is to keep “a single point of truth”​ 626 272 SpinifexIT

In a recent SAPInsider survey focusing on Payroll and its impact on Cloud HR, it was identified that 79% of responses saw that the top strategy for payroll customers was to ensure that their payroll solution was the single point of truth.  


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Darren Souter

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Coming in behind was to have a solution that keeps the system up to date with Tax and Regulatory changes.


The 3rd Strategic Requirement was to ensure the company maintained a team with the skillset for maintaining the payroll solution (in-house). In 4th place, was to ensure that a global strategy for reporting was in place.


Requirements: Key figures




Of these Strategies, the 2nd and 3rd make sense. However, they are more expectations for a global payroll solution.


For example, you would expect that the system software can be easily updated with the latest Tax and Regulatory Changes. You also would need to ensure that you have staff to maintain the system. Luckily, for the customers running SAP Payroll, the Tax and Regulatory updates are just part of the day-to-day deliverables that come with supporting over 10,000 Payroll customers.


It is even simpler for the customers who have moved, or are moving to Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll. For this group of companies, they will know that these systems are updated on regular schedules by SAP. This means that there will be less dependency on internal staff to apply the technical software updates.


A Single Integrated HR/Payroll solution combined with Global Reporting can drive true efficiency and visibility across your organization.



The Top Strategy can be realized by keeping a single integrated HR/Payroll solution. This will provide a common platform for engaging employees, streamlining processes and keeping consistent reporting across the entire organization.


This alone has driven the transition of many customers over the last few decades to SAP HCM. This is because they have often merged many different payroll and HR systems together into a single ERP solution.


It is also not surprising that the 4th most important strategy is to focus on Global Payroll Reporting and Analytics.


This point goes hand in hand with maintaining a single point of truth, as maintaining a single system allows for much easier global reporting. Many customers have driven their global HR strategy on these two areas to allow a central single place for all HR/Payroll reporting.


SAP Solutions


Luckily, the SAP solutions, whether it is Employee Central with Employee Central Payroll, Employee Central integrated with On-Premise, or customers using On-Premise (Which is still the majority of the SAP customers), allows for customers to maintain an integrated Payroll and HR Solution.


SAP is among the few companies with a global system that can service as many countries in regards to payroll. This, by default, allows customers to maintain a single payroll solution. Many other vendors have a comprehensive collection of countries that they can support for HR, but payroll is complex. With over 30 years in this area, SAP takes the cake as they have, and continues to service thousands of global customers.


Global Reporting is one of the areas that SpinifexIT has focused on for over 15 years. We constantly see customers who want to take advantage of years of data to provide insights into their own organization. This also includes being able to access the day-to-day payroll transactional data. SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter is a purpose built tool to address your day to day reporting challenges.


More Information on the Market


If you haven’t already taken a look at the comprehensive analysis of the payroll market, click on this link to download this SAP Insider report. (There is no charge and just a quick registration to get access to this document.)


This report has many insights that will help you understand the activities and approach that other payroll customers are adopting and considering.




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