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Streamlining the Implementation of SAP Payroll Control Center

Using SpinifexIT's Payroll Control Centre and Easy STP for efficient implementation.


A government agency in Australia with more than 1600 employees plans to implement SAP’s Payroll Control Center (PCC) solution.

After making the decision on to implement PCC, the next step was to look for a suitable partner to carry out the implementation.

After evaluating the available options, it was decided that an implementation partner who could expedite the implementation, offer supplementory features, and empower the customer to customize the PCC solution in the future, would be selected.

The Challenge

The Government Agency has been utilizing SAP HCM and Payroll for more than twenty years. Recently, the agency recognized the need to simplify its payroll processing.

The need for change became even more pressing when the agency discovered that its payroll manager was devoting significant time to identifying and investigating issues outside of SAP, relying on spreadsheets, a lengthy checklist, and manual processes to manage payroll exceptions.

To make matters worse, these steps and checks were not entirely documented, and the knowledge of how to perform them was only held by the payroll manager, posing a clear key man risk. Furthermore, payroll errors were frequent.

The Agency particularly liked the fact that the SAP solution allows a very defined process for execution of the key steps of Payroll as well as an auditable process for pre-payroll error checking. They were aware that implementation would not be straightforward, as the organization had a lot of complex validation checks, many of which required either much additional configuration or custom development.

They were also aware that SpinifexIT offered a solution to streamline the configuration of the SAP Payroll Control Center and with their Implementation Partner, they looked at the SpinifexIT Easy PCC solution.

After a successful demonstration of SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center (PCC) solution for SAP, the agency was highly impressed, leading to the decision to implement it.


This allowed them to:

Choosing The Right 


SpinifexIT has supplied the Agency for many years with its highly regarded payroll solutions such as Easy Reporter and Easy STP.

Easy Reporter is SpinifexIT’s powerful, user-friendly real-time reporting solution that allows organizations to produce more effective Payroll and HR reports, analyses, and interfaces. It optimizes and automates SAP Payroll reporting and provides access to SAP HCM data and SuccessFactors’ Employee Central fields, making it a valuable tool for HR and payroll departments.

Easy STP helps organizations comply with the Australian Taxation Office’s Single Touch Payroll initiative and error-proof payroll systems.

Easy PCC Implementation

Given the long-standing relationship between the agency and SpinifexIT, it was logical for the agency to explore SpinifexIT’s Easy PCC solution. This software offers additional features that hasten the implementation of SAP’s Payroll Control Center solution and offers a wealth of added functionality to enhance its capabilities. The agency was especially pleased with Easy PCC’s ability to enable HR or Payroll teams to create custom validation rules, which was precisely what they required.

Fortunately, the agency already built many reports using the SpinifexIT Easy Reporter solution. These reports could be then reused for the PCC validation checks with minimal changes. At the same time the business was given a mandate to move entirely away from custom development, so using Easy PCC meant they could build their custom rules with no custom code.

All these factors made a compelling case for using the SpinifexIT Easy PCC solution alongside the SAP Payroll Control Center, since the Easy PCC solution allows the customer to build their own validation rules without the need of a technical team.

Aside from building the initial error checks, Easy PCC can also greatly reduce the time payroll teams spend on error investigations.

As different Payroll scenarios arise during the implementation and into the future, teams can quickly add additional payroll validation checks to further refine the payroll process. This saves time, cost and effort by removing development and maintenance dependency.

An employee at the Agency expressed their satisfaction, saying, “We appreciated the ability to make use of our existing expertise with SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter solution, which is utilized for generating validation rules.

Furthermore, it was a vital requirement that no custom ABAP code was necessary, and it appeared that SpinifexIT’s solution would allow us to accomplish this, based on initial discussions.”

Execute Easy Reporter Reports from the PC

In addition to the ability to create the Payroll Validation checks, a further benefit of the SpinifexIT Easy PCC solution, is that any of the existing Easy Reporter reports can be run directly through the Payroll Control Center process.

For example: Reports such as Payroll to Finance Reconciliation, Payroll Register or Leave Balances can be run automatically. More importantly, interfaces or external file exports can be run directly from the Easy Reporter solution. All of this is fully integrated into a PCC Step.

How does Easy PCC fit into the SAP Payroll Control Center?

The Results

After undergoing a successful tender process, SpinifexIT was delighted that the Government Agency decided to purchase its Easy PCC solution to streamline its implementation and deployment of the SAP PCC.

The Payroll Control Center Implementation is currently in progress. Overall, this has not only reduced down the full Implementation of the Payroll Control Center by several months, but the customer also has full control over their future payroll checks as they can build these themselves


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