Streamlining the Implementation of SAP Payroll Control Center

Using SpinifexIT's Payroll Control Centre and Easy STP for efficient implementation.


A government agency in Australia with more than 1600 employees plans to implement SAP’s Payroll Control Center (PCC) solution.

After making the decision on to implement PCC, the next step was to look for a suitable partner to carry out the implementation.

After evaluating the available options, it was decided that an implementation partner who could expedite the implementation, offer supplementory features, and empower the customer to customize the PCC solution in the future, would be selected.

The Challenge

The Government Agency has been utilizing SAP HCM and Payroll for more than twenty years. Recently, the agency recognized the need to simplify its payroll processing.

The need for change became even more pressing when the agency discovered that its payroll manager was devoting significant time to identifying and investigating issues outside of SAP.

The Agency particularly liked the fact that the SAP solution allows a very defined process for execution of the key steps of Payroll as well as an auditable process for pre-payroll error checking. 

They were aware that SpinifexIT offered a solution to streamline the configuration of the SAP Payroll Control Center and with their Implementation Partner, they looked at the SpinifexIT Easy PCC solution.

After a successful demonstration of SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center (PCC) solution for SAP, the agency was highly impressed, leading to the decision to implement it.

This allowed them to:

The Results

After undergoing a successful tender process, SpinifexIT was delighted that the Government Agency decided to purchase its Easy PCC solution to streamline its implementation and deployment of the SAP PCC.

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