SpinifexIT Releases 2021.R2 Updates in October

SpinifexIT’s 2nd Solution Update for 2021

SpinifexIT’s 2nd Solution Update for 2021 150 150 SpinifexIT

Our latest release for this year (2021.R2) will be available on October 8, 2021.


Easy Go Live
Easy Migration

Migration to the Cloud (ECP or S/4HANA)

In 2020, we released two solutions that help our customers and partners streamline and transform their cloud implementations and migrations. Here are some updates for Easy Migration and Easy Go Live:

  • We have included the ability to set reason codes and case reference numbers to highlighted variances / differences.
  • We added pre-delivered content to streamline comparisons of a customer’s prior SAP system or for a non-SAP system.
  • We added automated mapping of employee numbers when comparing data to the old system.
  • Easy Go Live now links to Easy Clone Lite for limited employee cloning and Easy Help Desk Lite for investigation of errors.
Easy Reporter

More options to help you build your HCM & Payroll reports

We’ve included updates to Easy Reporter with a larger focus on SAP SuccessFactors reporting and better access to reports via the Web Reporting solution.

  • More flexible control over the timing of the import files.
  • Additional fields, tables, infotypes, and clusters to improve your Easy Reporter Web Reporting usage.
  • New SAP SuccessFactors selection fields (with SAP SuccessFactors Connector for Easy Reporter).
    • Selection fields available on any report (even non-SuccessFactors reports)
    • Ability to select using the SuccessFactors hierarchy and filter the report based on the organizational structure
    • Buffering of selection data to improve performance
    • New selection fields also available in Web Reporting
  • Filter data after reports have been executed via Web Reporting.
Easy Clone

A faster way to copy your Payroll & SAP SuccessFactors employee data

Easy Clone enhancements include more options for Employee Central data copying as follows:

  • Speed up the data cloning process when you copy thousands of employees in a single transaction.
  • Improved audit logs to understand and troubleshoot issues with the copied data.
  • Customers who are upgrading may now copy from non-unicode to unicode systems.
Easy PCC

Migration to the Cloud (ECP or S/4HANA Streamlined Payroll reconciliation with our PCC solution

Easy PCC continues to evolve and offer more functionality to SpinifexIT customers:

  • Error analysis web reporting screens have been refined to ensure a better integration with the look and feel of the Payroll Control Center.
  • Ability to set alert dependencies which stops duplicate errors from being displayed if the employee was reported in another prior error.
  • Better control over advanced dates, which allows for error checks to look at more than just the current pay period.
  • Links to Easy Help Desk Lite for error investigation without the need for the full Easy Help Desk activation
  • Blank reports are now included in Easy PCC, which no longer require the full activation of Easy Reporter.


Contact the SpinifexIT Customer Care team or email us at [email protected]
to upgrade to the latest release.

Should you wish to request additional SpinifexIT training for your new team members
or if you are in need of a refresher, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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