Easy Go Live

Validate your payroll system before going live

Easy Go Live by SpinifexIT lets you validate your payroll system, ensuring you error-free results every time.

Easy Go Live helps you:

Parallel run capabilities to check your system

Ensure data and configuration alignment. Easy Go Live allows you to run a quick comparison between your legacy system and your new system.

While conducting validations, you can:

  • Verify employee master data inside your new Employee Central Payroll or SAP S/4HANA system by comparing remote systems
  • Streamline the parallel run process through testing screens and reports included out of the box
  • Spot differences and investigate from within the tool
  • Utilize automatic testing features such as directly comparing between two systems, data mapping by columns, and remapping wage types

Transfer your data to your new payroll system

Load your existing SAP On-Premise data into the Employee Central Payroll System alongside relevant infotypes.

You can do this while choosing which transactional data to copy. This data includes payroll results, time-evaluation results or finance postings.

Counter potential errors before they occur

Easy Go Live comes with an automated way to analyze payroll errors. Drill down payroll reports with just a button press to investigate and fix errors before your live payroll run.

Benefit from Easy Go Live if your company is

Easy Go Live indirect icon

Migrating from SAP Payroll On Premise to ECP

Easy Go Live direct implementation

Implementing ECP directly

Streamline and validate your payroll process system today.

What you can do with Easy Go Live

Create data imports for Employee Central implementation

Update production with your legacy SAP payroll transactional data

Use parallel run testing tools with the ability to move SAP data to on-premise or legacy systems

Access individual employee payroll results to examine issues or explain figures

Use built-in reports to check your system

Frequently Asked Questions

The Easy Migration solution is installed to the original SAP system and the new Employee Central Payroll system using an SAP transport.

Payroll Configuration, infotype setup, time evaluation and payroll area configuration data can be migrated among others. Development objects such as Programs, user exits, enhancement points, Customer operations or functions are not included in the migration and can instead be manually migrated using the transport process.

The current version of the solution supports the United States and Australian payrolls and the next release will also support Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, International (Country Grouping IMG Node 99), Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

Please contact [email protected] for more information on country-specific requirements related to the Easy Migration Solution.

Yes. Aside from being 100% compatible with SAP and following its tight security measures, the Easy Migration solution also has features that scramble and anonymize employee data and payroll results that protect your sensitive data during the testing processes.

The Easy Migration solution comes with pay and year-to-date payroll reconciliation reports, and more.