Single Touch Payroll Compliance Made Easy

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Streamline your reconciliation and processing of SAP’s Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll, also known as “STP“, has been declared a legislative requirement across Australia. It aims to make payroll reporting more transparent for employees so they can ensure that their employers are meeting the required taxation duties.

Proactive reconciliation activities run every pay period throughout the year is not just ideal: it is a requirement.

SpinifexIT’s Easy STP solution helps ensure your compliance with the Australian Taxation Office through automated reconciliation processes that review and spot issues within your payroll and master data for each payroll run.


More efficient





Version Availability

Easy STP is officially available from the 2018.R3 release and up, however customers that are in earlier versions will only be able to access it through patch updates.


Easy STP will be available on next release of 2018.r1 planned to be delivered on December 7th, 2018 through a dedicated Easy STP patch (2018.R1.P4S)


Easy STP will be available on the next version of 2018.R2 which will be delivered on December 3rd, 2018 (2018.R2.P3)


Easy STP will be included in the January update of 2018.R3 : planned to be delivered on January 11th, 2019 (2018.R3.P1)

Easy STP Updates

September 2018

  • Easy STP will be replacing SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries solution moving forward
  • Customers not required to follow STP reporting yet can continue using our Easy Payment Summaries solution
  • Existing Easy Payment Summaries customers will receive the Easy STP update at no additional cost
  • Easy STP will be available for existing SpinifexIT customers by October 11, 2018, when SAP releases their STP update
  • Additional communications, webinars and trainings will be made available in the coming weeks

Meet Easy STP®

Digitise your Payment Summaries faster to meet the ATO’s new payroll requirements

Implement STP faster & easier

Using proven reports and pre-delivered checks and balances from SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries solution, Easy STP is created to help organisations transition faster without having to configure from scratch.

Reconciliation as part of pay run

Automate reconciliation processes that go into the ACRT in preparation for the STP process and flag differed wagetypes which are paid to the employee

Real-time STP reports

Generate reconciliation reports that show overrides and employee payroll information on the fly. Make a one page summary of STP Payments easily accessible to your employees which includes a detailed breakdown of all of their STP payments.

Legislation Adherence

Easy STP will continue to evolve following new pay and taxation laws to help organisations remain compliant.

Additional Resources

View additional material and frequently asked questions to learn more about our Easy STP Solution

Darren Souter posted a three-part blog. This talks about SAP’s Single Touch Payroll Solution, and eventually, SpinifexIT’s Easy STP which is meant to complement and improve SAP’s solution.

Part 1: STP is Nearly Here for SAP Payroll

Part 2: Are you ready for SAP’s STP Deployment

Part 3: Reconciling Single Touch Payroll

SpinifexIT’s Easy STP is not a replacement for the ATO transmission. 

The standard SAP STP solution provides the functionality to create the ATO STP transmission file, and then the ability to transmit this file through to the Australian Tax Office using the SAP Cloud Integration solution which provides a secure encrypted transmission.

SpinifexIT Easy Single Touch Payroll does not replace this transmission option.   Instead Easy STP is designed to enhance the standard SAP solution by providing advanced Reconciliation and Reporting options to help validate and investigate the STP Payments.

If you have any additional requirements around the Transmission of the STP File to the ATO, we would be happy to discuss this further with you to understand your needs and whether we can help you with your needs.

You do not need to purchase Easy STP separately.

We value you as a customer and have decided that existing SpinifexIT Easy Payment Summaries customers will be transitioned to the new Easy STP solution over the coming months for FREE. There will be no additional charge for the software.

Our team will be in contact with you to discuss any changes that may be required for existing contracts.