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Webinar: Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting

Learn the top HR trends for 2020 in SpinifexIT’s upcoming webinar on Optimizing Your Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Reporting

Join the webinar happening this 27 Feb 2020 at 2 PM EST to be part of this exciting discussion. 

The webinar, hosted by expert Paige Elkins, will explore the current state of HR and payroll, as well as the main HR trends for 2020. 

Find out how you can use this knowledge to leverage your HR and payroll system using SpinifexIT’s suite of HR and payroll solutions. This webinar, in particular, will feature SpinifexIT’s HCM solution, Easy Reporter. 

About Easy Reporter

Easy Reporter is a comprehensive HCM reporting solution that allows you to build and distribute dynamic and effective reports at a shorter time.

This powerful solution enables you to prepare, schedule and email over 100 pre-written reports. You can also access your reports across different devices. 

Find out more about Easy Reporter here.

About Paige Elkins

Paige is a trainer and consultant for the North American division of SpinifexIT. 

Spinifexit Paige Elkins at Successconnect

Webinar details

Date: February 27, 2020
Time: 2PM EST

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