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Strato 1.18
Strato 1.18 1008 740 SpinifexIT

New Year, New Strato! Here’s what’s included in our 1.18 Release.

Strato 1.18 includes new features around its Strato Storage, Strato Sign and Strato Automate tools. These updates will help your team to further improve Data Privacy compliance, streamline your document routing and signing process, and optimize your overall SAP SuccessFactors document management which support your key HXM and Payroll activities.

Strato 1.18 will be deployed for UAT on January 8, 2022 and will go live on Production on January 29, 2022. You may view the release calendar here.

Automate the assignment of your documents’ validity with Strato Storage

• Apply validity rules to your stored documents
• Automatically set your documents for archiving, expiration and deletion based on your organization’s storage compliance requirements
• Use Categories to quickly find and modify your documents’ validity and storage specifications

Eg. All documents tagged as a Compliance Document (Work From Home Policies, Laptop Usage, etc.) are set to have a 1 year validity.

Sign your PDF documents with Strato Sign

• Previously, only documents generated and routed via Strato can be signed with Strato Sign
• The 1.18 release allows users to sign uploaded PDFs with• Strato Sign within the same workflow
• Signatures may be embedded anywhere within the document with a drag-and-drop tool

Eg. HR uploads a year-end tax declaration and payment PDF from a third party vendor and sends a copy to the employee.

The employee may sign the PDF version of the form before it is routed back to HR. As soon as HR completes signing the declaration form, a signed copy of the PDF is forwarded to both the employee and HR.

Access tooltips to setup your workflows faster in Strato Automate

• Validate the fields you use in your documents and workflow by viewing tooltips
• This gives you info about the field’s Field Label, Field Group, API path, and Key Field value (if there’s any)
• Assign default key fields to make field selection faster

Eg. An employee may have three email addresses stored in their SAP Successfactors profile (Business, Personal, Other). Their Business Email can be assigned as their default key field in Strato to centralize all communications to the email.

Manage your data fields better

• Build complete documents by having more access to additional fields and information
• Link custom fields and entities to show stored metadata in SAP SuccessFactors

Eg. Building a complete Talent Card not only entails getting information from SF Employee Central and the employee’s profile.

With this feature, you can also get field information from SAP SuccessFactors’ Performance, Goals, and Succession Planning modules and combine them to build a comprehensive talent card.

For any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]
The Strato Team wishes you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution
SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Latest Strato release features additional workflow automation and document storage capabilities for employee lifecycle documents created with SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions

VICTORIA, Australia, Aug. 25, 2021 — SpinifexIT today announced the latest release of Strato, its innovative document management solution for SAP SuccessFactors.

The new release contains updates that enable even tighter integration with a customer’s HXM processes through the addition of highly customizable workflow automations and new document storage capabilities.  

Strato enables smart HR and Payroll document generation and automated communications directly from SAP SuccessFactors.

Each document workflow is flexible and can be modified to precisely fit an organization’s unique internal processes.

Strato eliminates the need for manual document generation and routing effort, making HR and Payroll processes more seamless and efficient. 

“With this release, we continue to add innovation to Strato. This update makes Strato even more equipped to cover the full employee document lifecycle – from document generation and distribution to storage – alongside SAP SuccessFactors workflow,” says Gregory Tutt, Product Chief Technology Officer – Strato.

“Having this much flexibility allows Strato to be the preferred method of document generation, signing, and storage for SAP SuccessFactors customers.”

New Features

The new solution update also enables Strato customers to:

  • Leverage automated communications and triggers to further expedite document routing, approval, and e-signing processes
  • Strengthen data privacy compliance by setting automated document expiry and deletion dates 

  • Improve employee communications and engagement by making the movements and promotion process more transparent and seamless

  • Integrate Strato with 3rd party applications such CRM and internal ticketing systems


The new Strato release will be available to customers at the end of August.

To learn more about this update, you may view the full release summary here. Visit the Strato website for more information or purchase Strato directly from the SAP Store

View the full press release via EIN News.

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT is a leader in producing SAP-certified business process improvement SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HXM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HXM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions will help guide you by driving operational efficiency, improving critical reporting, increasing data accuracy, and minimizing compliance risks.

SpinifexIT is an SAP silver partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

Learn more about SpinifexIT’s solutions at

Download the Strato brochure here

SAP SuccessFactors Documents
SAP SuccessFactors Documents 150 150 SpinifexIT

Create and send HCM documents and employee lifecycle documents and correspondence with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

Strato Documents lets you automate your core HR processes and store your documents securely. Optimize your SuccessFactors document generation process and improve your employee and candidate experience.

Use automations that save you lots of time

Create a document template once and add conditions that automatically change your document’s content based on your selections.

Set up a workflow and have Strato run it for your documents from start to finish.

Stay compliant with data security policies

Using an external application for every HR and Payroll requirement poses multiple data security risks.

Having a single integrated solution to build your SuccessFactors documents ensures your data security protocols are followed all the time.

Build perfect SuccessFactors documents

Your team can learn and master Strato fast! There is no need to do custom coding and learn complicated programming. Build and send documents even on day 1 using hundreds of built-in, user-friendly features!

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Better SuccessFactors Documents with Strato Documents

Get a demo or request for a discovery call

What you can create with Strato Documents

SAP SuccessFactors Documents at your fingertips

Strato Documents supports your HCM and Employee Lifecycle by making the creation, design, automation, distribution and storage of your SuccessFactors documents a breeze.

SuccessFactors Documents requiring multiple levels of approvals and signatures

Modules: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

  • Recruitment letters
  • Contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Benefits and eligibilities
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Pay increase

Performance management documents

  • Promotion/Change of employment letters
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee movement letters
  • Disciplinary action
  • Termination of employment

Generation of HCM/Employee Personal Documents

  • Certificates/Verification of employment
  • Statement of benefits/total rewards
  • Insurance and leave availment
  • Documents to support personal loans and benefit claims
  • Statement of service
  • Clearance forms

Meet Strato Documents

Document Generation for your SuccessFactors Documents

Cloud-based deployment

Strato can be configured to use your SAP SuccessFactors data in less than 5 minutes.

Its cloud deployment does not require transports and patches to be loaded into your system. Start designing and sending your documents within minutes!

Filters and Conditions

This incredibly powerful feature allows your team to create a document template just once, and then use Strato’s smart filters and conditions to create multiple document outputs.

This saves your team a lot of time and effort by making each template fully reusable.

Multiple data sources

Strato can read data from SAP On-Premise, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, Recruiting, and Talent.

This enables your team to create and distribute a full range of employee lifecycle documents and correspondences.

Digital signature routing

Increase the efficiency of your recruitment process by 80%. Generate job offer letters and employment contracts, and route these to its recipients through a smart digital signature platform.

The corresponding SuccessFactors Recruiting record gets updated automatically all in one go.

Pre-populate PDF forms

Upload a PDF form into Strato then supply the fields it requires once before publishing it to self-service.

With this easy process, your employees would no longer need to type up or write down their information to complete their required government, travel or claim forms.

Translate your documents

Create a single base template in one language then generate it in another with just a few clicks. There is absolutely no need to recreate multiple versions of your template to generate as many multilingual documents in Strato.

Companies operating across different countries or in a country with multiple languages will find this function very handy.

Self-service widgets

Generate, send, or route documents from a Strato tile in your SAP SuccessFactors dashboard.

Configure multiple types of these tiles for employees, managers, payroll specialists, recruiters and HR specialists in just 10 clicks.

Full customization

Create elegantly designed documents in various formats with Strato’s document editor.

You can upload multiple images, create custom borders and margins, add your brand’s header and footer, and more within an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Full or partial automation of your SuccessFactors Document Generation

Set up workflows that automatically trigger the document generation and distribution of your HCM Documents and correspondence following SAP SuccessFactors changes and events.

See Strato Documents in Action

Automating Job Offer Letter

Automate Applicant / Candidate Movement

Employee Movements – Change of Title/Pay

Strato Documents
Strato Documents 150 150 SpinifexIT

Strato Documents lets you create, design, publish, automate and store professional-looking HCM Documents and employee lifecycle documents using your latest data from SAP SuccessFactors or SAP payroll.

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With Strato’s smart, easy-to-use document design features, you can create stunning SuccessFactors HCM Documents including:

  • Job Offer Letters
  • Employee Correspondences
  • Payroll Letters and Documents
  • Compensation and Benefits Ledgers
  • Total Rewards Letters
  • Performance Increase Letters
  • Pixel Perfect Talent Cards and more!

Highly Customizable HCM Documents

Advanced formatting, calculation and filtering options in Strato Documents let you create professional-looking documents that truly sets your brand apart.

Conditional Logic and Document Filters

Why make multiple document versions when you can just add conditions and filters to create new content from a single template?

Self-Service Widgets and Automations

Empower your HR Team, Managers, and Employees to have access to their key HCM document requirements anytime. You can also use full or partial automations to trigger, automate and pre-schedule sending documents and correspondence.

Secure Access and Compliance Safeguards

Strato Documents uses SAP SuccessFactors’ oData integration and Ad hoc Query data calls to access data and user authorizations. Strato’s User Management tool can also be used to create additional user roles. Full visibility on your HCM Document availability, Document Generation history and processes also helps you create an HCM document generation process that is fully compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Create and Distribute HCM Documents in Less Time

Find out what makes Strato Documents different from other HCM document generation tools in the market.

Create, Automate, Distribute and Store HCM Documents and Employee Correspondence with Strato

Here are some quick, easy ROIs when you start using Strato Documents to build, publish and distribute HCM Documents

Automated HCM documents significantly reduce the time and effort spent on document creation and distribution

Ensure the completeness and correctness of your HCM documents. Get data fields from hybrid sources- SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Payroll, and other custom files.

Publish multi-lingual HCM documents to support your global business.

Save time by automatically routing your HCM documents for approval or signing instead of manually following up via emails.

Your team can learn and master Strato fast! There is no need to do custom coding and learn complicated programming. Build and send documents even on day 1!

Support your Security, Compliance and Audit processes by having a powerful HCM document solution that allows for accessibility, visibility control, authorization management, and more.

Employees Supported
Countries Supported
Automate Your Document Generation – And Save Hundreds of Hours Yearly webinar
Webinar: Automate Your Document Generation – And Save Hundreds of Hours Yearly
Webinar: Automate Your Document Generation – And Save Hundreds of Hours Yearly 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Discover how automating your document generation activities can save your organization hours every year.

Find out how in our webinar happening this 28 July 2020, 2pm EST!

Stephen Gallo of SpinifexIT will host the webinar and discuss how organizations solve their document generation requirements.

He’ll talk about the challenges that they face, and how SpinifexIT helps them.

SpinifexIT offers solutions helping companies meet their goals and improve compliance, productivity, data accuracy and the employee/candidate experience. 

What you’ll find out: 

  • Your organization’s employee lifecycle document generation maturity level
  • The documents required to support the employee lifecycle
  • How investing in improving the document generation process will save your company time and drive its effectiveness
  • Efficient ways of generating documents with the Strato Cloud Platform: a self-service option and via full automation using Strato Workflow

About the speaker


Stephen has been an SAP customer and an SAP HCM implementation consultant for the past 13 years. He has represented SpinifexIT across various SAP events including SuccessConnect and the yearly user group meetings.

View his LinkedIn profile

Webinar: Automate Your Document Generation – And Save Hundreds of Hours Yearly

28 July 2020
2pm EST

Can’t join our webinar? You may still register to get a copy of the session, or wait for announcements for upcoming webinars.

Why Access to HR Documents Is Essential During a Crisis
Why Access to HR Documents Is Essential During a Crisis 1024 576 SpinifexIT

An enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was imposed all over Metro Manila and some parts of the Philippines on March 16, 2020.

Set up to flatten the COVID curve, the quarantine entailed that civilians could only go out to acquire basic necessities.

Frontliners were allowed to go to work, as long as they carried the necessary government and HR documents. The list included the following: a quarantine pass, a government ID, a company ID and a Certificate of Employment (COE), which proved to be a challenge for many employees.

The Challenge

Since many HR departments in the Philippines are still traditional, acquiring a COE is a challenge for employees. Employees have to make a formal request to the HR department ahead of time to acquire the document. This could take at least three days, depending on the company.

The Solution

This challenge was easily met by companies (Of course including SpinifexIT) using Strato Documents. Strato Documents is a solution by SpinifexIT that lets employees log in to Success Factors and generate their Certificate of Employment (COE) when they need it.

They only need to set a time period for the validity of the COE. After that, they can just downlod and print the document.

The Results

Quarantine guidelines changed every two weeks in the Philippines, which made needing a COE unpredictable. Employees with access to Strato were able to go to work without any inconveniences.

All they needed was to access Strato online, generate their COE, download and print it to bring with them every time they had to go to work.

HR documents
Why HR document access is crucial during a crisis
Why HR document access is crucial during a crisis 1024 576 SpinifexIT

How the COVID crisis has changed the way we work and shown that quick access to HR documents is crucial.

On March 16, 2020, a community-wide enhanced quarantine (ECQ) was imposed in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines. This move was part of the government’s efforts to flatten the COVID19 infection curve.

While rules were eased starting May 16th, restrictions were still put in place for the ‘modified enhanced community quarantine’ (MECQ).

During the ECQ, a civilian’s movements were restricted. They could only go out for necessities – getting groceries, medicines, going to the hospital, sorting their banking needs. That’s it. Only frontliners, as defined by the government’s IRR, were allowed to regularly go out and proceed with business as usual. 

When quarantine protocols were modified, the MECQ presented new challenges for workers returning to their workplace. To report to work, they had to present the following: 

  1. Their city-issued Quarantine Pass
  2. Two, or at least one valid Government ID
  3. Their Company ID stating their office’s address for verification
  4. And a signed Certificate of Employment (COE)

The fourth requirement might sound basic. However, in the Philippines, where traditional HR processes are still a norm, securing a signed Certificate of Employment during ECQ can be difficult. Here’s why:

Employees still have to email HR to request for a copy of their COE. Even during regular business days, this takes days for HR to produce as it is not considered their top priority. Most of the time, they would rather be focused on running payroll and getting pay and benefits right.

Issuing HR documents such as COEs is a time-consuming administrative task that is often overlooked and under-appreciated… until it becomes a requirement for everyone.

Such is the case now, at least, in Metro Manila. Without a COE proving that you work at Company ABC, you’ll be sent home, penalized.

Having access to your HR documents 24/7 is not just a ‘nice-to- have’ perk. It is a necessity – regardless of circumstances. 

So this is how we do it at SpinifexIT. 

Anytime, anywhere, on my mobile phone or laptop, I’ll just log in to my SuccessFactors for instance. I’ll click a tiny box that says Strato, and then select “Certificate of Employment.”

I’ll download it or mail it to myself, so I’ll have a copy of it with me all the time. 

I didn’t have to contact our HR Manager, I didn’t have to wait for a few days to get a copy of my document.

I just logged in, downloaded – and then printed. Done.

This is why applications and solutions developed with a built-in Employee Self Service (ESS) option should be put under the spotlight more.

Times like these where we have to be self-sufficient may be ‘rare,’ but here we are now.

Aspects of what we’ve dreamed of as part of “the future ways of working” will be integrated to business as usual during and after COVID-19.

The best practices we apply now to improve the employee experience by giving them better access to their Employee Lifecycle Documents should be part of the ‘new normal.’ Not just because it’s convenient, but because it simply works.

Not using SAP SuccessFactors?
Strato Documents can create and send your employee documents with a MS Excel CSV file or a Google Sheets link as its own data source.

If you’re interested in Strato to give your employees easy access to their most needed documents, contact us at [email protected].

Strato is featured in Tech Target!
Strato is featured in Tech Target! 1024 576 SpinifexIT

Strato, SpinifexIT’s document generation software, is featured in Tech Target’s Search SAP site.

The article, published on Jan. 25, highlights five third-party apps that help businesses maximise their Success Factors experience. 

Search SAP by Tech Target is a leading resource for the latest news and expert advice on SAP.

The article features Strato as a document generation solution that cuts down the copious amounts of business hours spent on producing documents.

Here’s the full quote from the article:

“Finally, SpinifexIT’s Strato software provides the ability to generate documents that can be electronically signed by candidates and hiring managers or other responsible parties. Such documents include job requisitions, offer letters, employment contracts and more. Automating them enables more efficient management and execution of the recruitment process.”

Strato was built to help businesses create and distribute (in less time) professional documents required in employment, recruitment and payroll. Documents can be created in multiple languages and accessed across multiple devices.

Learn its full capabilities here.

You can also watch our videos to understand how this document generation solution works and how you can use it to optimise your Success Factors platform to meet your business requirements.

Find out the top business cases Strato can solve in this quick webinar:

Create and generate complicated HCM documents without the need for custom programming or external support.

Here’s how easy it is to generate Pixel Perfect Talent Card in Strato:

Strato Documents 1.12 Release
Strato Documents 1.12 Release 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Strato Documents 1.12 comes with new features that make accessing your documents and its content much easier while giving you a better visibility on how your team uses the solution. 

Templated Emails

Strato Documents’ reusable sections is one of the main features that make it unique. We’ve expanded this feature further to include reusable e-mail templates to fully customize your Employee Communications.

Page Numbers

We’re getting closer to being the perfect Document Generation solution for everyone. Having the ability to output and customize page numbers is a step closer to our vision.

Shiny New Dashboard Widgets

View and generate your top documents directly from your SuccessFactors screen. Access your most used documents in a few clicks.

Don’t miss out!

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Subscribing to SpinifexIT’s Strato Documents means that you will be receiving relevant updates exclusively about Strato Documents moving forward. You may opt to stop receiving updates by clicking the “unsubscribe” and we will remove your information from our database.
Webinar: Top Document Generation Business Cases And How To Solve Them Fast
Webinar: Top Document Generation Business Cases And How To Solve Them Fast 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Five key areas to look into to drive business process efficiency and gain immediate ROIs

Join us this afternoon and let’s talk about Document Generation and how getting this right can bring immediate ROIs to your organization.

Where can a powerful document generation tool fit into your business processes? Find out your immediate ROIs and BE A HERO by identifying your Document Generation gaps and requirements following these easy steps.

Stephen Gallo will talk about the FIVE key areas you can look into to reevaluate your existing document creation and distribution process. As an added bonus, Stephen will also share some key tips on business case development, and will also give a quick demo of a powerful solution that we’ve built to address the Document Generation needs of the future, today.

Webinar Speakers

Join Stephen Gallo and Becky Pifer and discover the immediate ROIs for your organization once you optimize your document generation.

Register now to reserve your slot.

Webinar Details:

Date: November 21, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US)

Brought to you by SpinifexIT