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Welcome to the Transforming HXM and Payroll podcast by SpinifexIT. 

In this series, you will benefit from expert-led discussions about SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors featuring speakers from SAP, SAP Partners, SAP customers, and SpinifexIT panelists.


The podcast will cover:

  • The latest and the greatest industry advice to help guide you on your HXM and Payroll transformation projects
  • How you can maximize your current SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors investments today, and what you can do to prepare for the future updates
  • What other SAP and SpinifexIT Customers are doing to ensure their HXM and Payroll transformation success

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Listen to our latest episodes

Series 1: Accelerating Digital HXM & Payroll Transformation

Welcome to the first episode of our series! Today, we’re featuring SpinifexIT Co-Founder & Product Chief Technology Officer for Easy Suite Darren Souter alongside Chief Operating Officer Mathew Katakis as they talk about solutions and strategies that accelerate Employee Central Payroll implementation and migration. 

The following is their interview as originally featured in The Raven Intelligence Podcast entitled Accelerating Digital HXM and Payroll transformation hosted by founder, Bonnie Tinder.


Series 2: Maximize the Value of Your Existing SAP Payroll System

You’re now listening to our second podcast series, ”Maximize the Value of Your Existing SAP Payroll System”.

Get expert advice on how you can make your existing SAP payroll more efficient while planning to migrate to Employee Central Payroll in the future.

You’ll be hearing from the following experts:
Steve Bogner, Managing Partner from Insight Consulting Partners,
Mary Halfmann, HR and SAP Systems Analyst from Central Michigan University
Brian Erickson, Director for Customer Engagement at SpinifexIT North America

View the full session and Q&A: spinifexit.com/ondemand-maximize…p-payroll-system/


Series 3: Migrating to Employee Central Payroll: Transition or Transformation?

Our guests for this podcast are:
Judy Fabrizi, Payroll Manager for Swagelok Company;
Imran Sajid, Senior Director of SAP SuccessFactors and founder of the Rethinking HR for the Modern Workforce Podcast;
Mike Timm, an SAP Certified Consultant and President, and CEO of Integrated Consulting Group.

View the full session and Q&A: spinifexit.com/ondemand-maximize…p-payroll-system/


Series 4: Level up your SAP SuccessFactors Workflow with Strato Automate

Find out how you can extend your SAP SuccessFactors workflows and further automate your key HXM processes with Strato Automate.

Here’s a snippet from our recently concluded webinar, “Level Up Your SAP SuccessFactors Workflows with Strato Automate”.

Sign up here to view the full content: https://spinifexit.com/sap-successfactors-workflows-with-strato/

This session is hosted by Heidi Harris, Head of Global Marketing with Stephen Gallo, Product Architect, SpinifexIT North America.