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SpinifexIT Featured in Raven Intelligence Podcast
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SpinifexIT Featured in Raven Intelligence Podcast on Accelerating Digital HXM and Payroll transformation


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HR operations amidst a pandemic have propelled leaders across the world to think differently about their systems, reporting, and overall system efficiency. Customers who operated in an on-premise model or who used siloed legacy systems have needed to explore digital transformation and cloud software solutions. Despite the availability of accelerators and solutions, organizations still find these projects complex, costly, risky, and time-consuming – that it may take years to fully implement.


This week we had the opportunity to speak with SpinifexIT‘s Co-Founder and Solutions Architect,  Darren Souter, and Mathew Katakis, Chief Operating Officer, about two specific solutions that have been proven to be instrumental in accelerating Employee Central Payroll implementation and migration whilst making this process easier and more accessible for both SAP SuccessFactors customers and system integrators (SIs).


SpinifexIT Darren Souter
Co-Founder & Product Chief Technology Officer – Easy Suite
SpinifexIT Mathew Katakis
Chief Operating Officer



Cloud Migrations Are Becoming More Crucial


A significant amount of HR leaders are considering moving their HR systems to the cloud, if they haven’t already. Operations and transactions within HR systems are now running “business as usual” as they’ve been adjusted to the new operations in a remote-first world, but HR leaders are realizing that there are still gaps in their software. This realization is where SpinifexIT’s solutions provide support to both new customers and existing SAP customers. And in a time when people are no longer sitting in the same rooms – speed is critical.


SpinifexIT’s customers are those who have invested in SAP SuccessFactors products or are considering an SAP implementation in the future. Many customers who previously implemented SAP SuccessFactors still have gaps, or are looking to optimize the value of their investment of SAP’s products. SpinifexIT’s solutions can be applied to quickly and easily migrate payroll data, execute off-the-shelf reports or build custom ones which aid in payroll reconciliation and data validation,  and address many other real-life customer-specific challenges. 



“For us, it’s about driving ROI for the customer. They have already invested hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on the SAP system itself, and now it’s about how much value can we drive from that. Additional value from what they’re already receiving from the investment of SAP itself.”
Mathew Katakis



Customers who are considering moving their HR and Payroll systems to the cloud can highly benefit from using SpinifexIT’s solutions, or by keeping these solutions in mind as they approach their Implementation Partner. SpinifexIT has a large global partner network coverage who can easily help customers implement SAP SuccessFactors and/or Employee Central Payroll. With our key solutions and our Partner’s implementation experience, Customers will benefit from a drastically reduced implementation time and simplified migration process.


“It’s really about taking the power of an existing SAP or SAP SuccessFactors system and helping customers take things to the next level.”
Darren Souter



Easy Migration

Easy Migration is an implementation accelerator that allows SIs partners (change to: that allows Implementation Partners) to help current SAP payroll customers take their current configurations and move them to the cloud–eliminating the need to reimplement payroll from scratch. This integrated solution copies payroll configuration, Payroll and Employee data and helps customers run reports between the legacy system and test system to validate configuration before going live.

This solution is particularly beneficial for customers who have 5, 10, or 15 years of historical payroll data and enables them to move their payroll configuration without losing that data. It also helps them transform their configurations, such as naming conventions, without reimplementing.

Easy Migration can reduce a multi-month long implementation to just days, saving costs for both partners and customers. For example, where it may have taken 1-2 months to convert data from legacy systems for ~5,00 employees, Easy Migration can help the customer complete this step in just 3 days.

Easy Go Live

Easy Go Live helps customers run a quick comparison between their legacy payroll system and new ECP system, transfer data to a new payroll system, migrate production employees, and counter potential errors before they occur. 

“Customers should be considering us upfront when talking and choosing their implementation partners because they want to choose a partner that has solutions to accelerate the implementation. It will be pretty apparent who has these tools and who doesn’t based on the quote and predicted timeline they provide to the customer,” said Souter.

While conducting validations, the customer can verify employee master data inside the new ECP, spot differences and investigate occurrences, and utilize automatic testing features.

“There’s always a risk associated with these types of projects, in terms of missing data and missing configuration,” Katakis said. “So having a technology such as Easy Go Live, it really helps you de-risk the process.”



What SAP Partners Should Know


SAP Implementation Partners can use these products to accelerate implementation timelines and help customers add value to their investment. SpinifexIT’s software products are broad enough to help HR teams close a number of gaps in processes while creating real value for the organization. For example, it’s critical for HR teams to have an operational reporting strategy that reports across all HR systems, not just one.


Additional benefits of using SpinifexIT software is to automate document correspondence and omit the manual work that surrounds Employee Central implementations. Organizations will benefit from massive time, cost, and effort savings while improving their overall employee lifecycle experience through SpinifexIT products.


SpinifexIT’s Approach to the Customer Relationship


SpinifexIT developed their products with customer challenges in mind, and this is also how they approach relationships with customers. The SpinifexIT team works very closely with customers, working to understand their specific needs and applying solutions that will drive long-term value. 


Their team even has the ability to make tweaks to the software to ensure it solves the problem for the customer. Together, this customer-focused approach has allowed SpinifexIT to achieve a 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rating on Raven Intelligence.


“We are specialists. We specialize in payroll, operational/transactional reporting, etc. That’s our skillset. We don’t try to veer outside of that. All of our consultants are also specialists in this area and I think that’s why we can very quickly understand the problem set a customer exposes to us. From there, we can provide that unique solution that meets their needs, and it’s all software-driven,” Katakis continued.




Approach to consultants


Most of SpinifexIT’s consultants have worked in similar HR environments before, giving them an uncanny ability to relate to customers and their challenges. SpinifexIT also strives to keep its consultants educated and informed on all updates to their software products so they can pass on their expertise to the customer. 


“Our consultants really enjoy working with customers. They really love helping them solve their problems and really taking the time to understand their issues. All of our clients have been in the situation that clients are at one point, so they can relate very quickly to the challenges that they face,” said Katakis.


Approach to software


SpinifexIT prides themselves on their software being easy to use. Their products are built specifically as an extension of SAP SuccessFactors products, and the benefits can be realized almost immediately. Customers can see a solution, buy the solution, and use the product right away. This drives incredible value to the customer because they aren’t investing more time and effort for their problem to get solved – rather, SpinifexIT empowers and enables them to solve their gaps faster, better, and easier.


“SpinifexIT was great to work with, from procurement through to delivery. Their solutions and technical team offered a lot of value to our project and enabled us to streamline data migration, as well as provide additional reporting capabilities to complement the SAP SuccessFactors core HR and payroll solutions that we implemented.” – Customer in the manufacturing industry


About SpinifexIT


SpinifexIT develops smart software solutions for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors that ensure compliance, reporting, and automation for companies. With a collective 350+ years of SAP HR expertise in their team, SpinifexIT has helped customers in over 50 countries use their products to overcome a variety of common challenges within HR software. 


They work in a broad range of countries and industries, and have found that most HR and Payroll departments encounter similar challenges within their internal systems. SpinifexIT set out to develop software that helps these SAP SuccessFactors customers make the most of their investments and create more efficiency within their operating systems. Currently, SpinifexIT solutions have been installed over a thousand times, and are used to support over 5 million employees globally.


With SpinifexIT, Payroll and HR processes that require Reporting, Reconciliation, and Document Generation are optimized to make the complex simple. Payroll and HR staff are empowered to work more productively and creatively while focusing on value-adding activities. With high-volume administrative actions out of the way, HR teams can focus on driving employee engagement, hiring the right talent, and driving organizational development.





SpinifexITs new solutions boos ECP migration implementation
SpinifexIT’s new solutions boost ECP migration & implementation
SpinifexIT’s new solutions boost ECP migration & implementation 600 401 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT’s latest solutions, Easy Migration and Easy Go Live, help organizations moving to Employee Central Payroll (ECP) streamline their end-to-end process.

Migrating to SAP’s SuccessFactors ECP or S/4 HANA environments is becoming a top priority for organizations wanting to modernise and move their HR and payroll systems and application provision to the cloud or future supported platforms.

Better enabling employees and HCM and payroll processes with SAP’s cloud or S4/HANA solutions is a future-proofed outcome that SpinifexIT supports with our latest project implementation automation solutions.

Transitioning a working payroll system to a new technology delivery is not without some risk. SpinifexIT makes it easier for our customers to get the best outcomes from the new SAP payroll application instance (Cloud or S4/HANA).

Using our extensive SAP Payroll Application Development experience, we have now released two new solutions. These significantly de-risk and enable the payroll process modernization for our customers and implementation partners alike.

Meet our two new solutions for your payroll business transformation

Who is it for: Existing SAP Payroll customers

Easy Migration is a solution that empowers your chosen implementation partner to rapidly transfer and transform the proven and working configuration from on-premise (Legacy) payroll to the new ECP/S4HANA platform.

Easy Migration enables the rapid setup and accurate transfer of your payroll configuration and payroll data. This is along with a matching employee testing dataset via automation to the new SAP payroll application, resulting in a working payroll in the environment for project testing and validation.

The automation provided by Easy Migration leads to confident outcomes.

Implementation Partners can take a working on-premise payroll configuration and get it up and running in ECP or S4/HANA within days through Easy Migration’s automations.

Copy existing employee and payroll data to a new test system, in preparation for the full migration without manual exports.

Cloning and scrambling options are built in to ensure secure payroll testing activities before your ECP go-live.

Our implementation partners are provided the Easy Migration software as part of being a validated partner (so no cost to the end customer).

Who is it for: Existing SAP Payroll customers OR non-SAP Legacy Payroll customers

Easy Go Live is a powerful solution built in with parallel-payroll (legacy versus the new SAP payroll setup) testing tools. It also comes with accelerators allowing for a quick data load into development, test AND production payroll applications.

It features post-go-live Employee Analysis tools to ensure your key users and project implementation team can be running the right payrolls before the final cut-over to a confident first payroll run.

This implementation enabler also allows full tracking and resolution of each pay run comparison and drill down reporting to help discover where things need correcting.

Easy Go Live provides invaluable aid to help you sign-off on the new system implementation with better confidence.

SAP Customers can use Easy Go Live’s Master Data generation tools to provide to their Implementation Partner so they can load SAP Employee Master Data into SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Enabling full tracking and resolution of parallel run results and resolutions per run during the implementation project.

Parallel Run comparison reporting (Non SAP Legacy Payroll or SAP onPrem Payroll).

Drill through resolution tools and functionality to help surface issues for quicker resolution.

Flexible month-to-month licensing for the customers implementation project and also beyond for employee data copy and testing purposes.

Easy Migration and Easy Go Live for SpinifexIT Customers and also Implementation Service Providers

Both solutions are available for existing SpinifexIT Customers and Partners alongside the rest of our solution updates for 2020.R2 scheduled for October 2020.

Current SpinifexIT partners wishing to use Easy Migration in line with their ECP migration plans may reach us at [email protected].

For customers thinking about moving to the latest SAP payroll technologies, you can be confident our solutions will make a positive contribution to a successful outcome. We encourage organizations considering the move in the foreseeable future to contact us. We can work with your implementation partner to include SpinifexIT solutions into your plan.

Implementation partners already onboard with Easy Migration and Easy Go Live, plus other SpinifexIT solution sets that improve your HCM and payroll processes, can be found here.

Easy Migration and Easy Go Live
Implementation automation delivered.

About SpinfexIT

SpinifexIT, an SAP silver partner and a leader in producing SAP-certified business process improvement software. This includes solutions for on-demand HR and payroll reporting and reconciliation, document generation, payroll processing and employee help desk applications.

SpinifexIT is a global company with headquarters in Australia, and offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Philippines.