Customer Success Stories

Save hours and increase efficiency

Explore how SpinifexIT helped the largest machine tool builder save 52 days a year in productivity. Learn more

Bridge SAP payroll and HR reporting gaps

A global manufacturing company struggled producing their reports from their previous payroll system. Here’s how SpinifexIT helped fix their problem. Learn more

Automate key processes and drive business efficiency

Discover how a mining company used Strato to improve their shared service team’s efficiency and saved up to 1.5 million AUD in costs. Learn more

Build and publish reports in minutes (Without the need to learn ABAP)

Find out how SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter saves an organization hundreds of hours in building reports yearly.
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Improve the delivery of your HR and payroll services

Explore how one of Australia’s retail giants used SpinifexIT’s solutions for SAP Payroll & HR to future-proof their business. Learn more