Celebrating Women's Month every day

Celebrating Women’s Month every day

Celebrating Women’s Month every day 150 150 SpinifexIT

Women’s Month is never just a monthly celebration at SpinifexIT.

Every day, we celebrate women by providing opportunities for them to excel in their professional and personal pursuits.

In this Women’s Month feature, we put the spotlight on two of our hardworking Manila-based team members, Janine Calaunan-Santos and L.A. Menard. Here, they talk about how they cope with working from home during the pandemic while still having time for their passions.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Even before the pandemic, my setup at home hasn’t changed. I’m a hands-on mom taking care of her son and the household, managing the office and making sure projects and tasks are submitted on time, and running during my free time.

Even though I’m mostly working at home now, it has become more difficult to be able to keep up with all my responsibilities. That’s why I always keep this in mind: “Anything – even a job that seemed to be unreachable can be attained if you have discipline, motivation and time management”.  

I make sure to be consistent. With running, I never turn that alarm off and go back to bed. I keep my running schedule, as this helps me get through my day.

I list all my “to-dos” at home and at work, even the simplest ones, and then prioritize. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but for me, making a list and ticking small boxes work well and keep me from missing a deadline.

I add a small window of “spare time” to stop, step back and view the entire picture at home and at work. This way, I am able to do my daily tasks and see if anything is missing. This lets me create additional activities, find what is still needed, and make room for improvement.

L.A. Menard

As a working-mother and a provider, I definitely have challenges every day managing and juggling work, motherhood, the household and personal passions such as fitness. 

That said, I’m grateful to have the flexibility to work from home and also have all the tools I need to be able to get my job efficiently. Of course, there are still inevitable distractions that impact my workflow and focus.

With discipline, support from family and friends, and knowing what to prioritize however, I’m able to organize and complete my tasks without being burned out. I get to be productive and also have quality time with my son and myself, which I’m very thankful for.

Read the special message for Women’s Month written by SpinifexIT’s CFO Christina’s Mulcair here.

Janine Calaunan-Santos

Office Manager


L.A. Menard

Lead Documentation Writer


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