SpinifexIT Business Continuity Plans amidst COVID-19 crisis

SpinifexIT Business Continuity Plans amidst COVID-19 crisis 150 150 SpinifexIT

With the current global Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) crisis, SpinifexIT is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring full business continuity in service to you, our customers, partners, and suppliers. 

We have initiated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure our services continue to operate as normal as possible with minimal to no interruption to your business operations and engagement with us.

Some of the key aspects of our business continuity processes include the following and are currently active:

A. Customer support will be provided as “business as usual” through the existing channels and through our current SLAs we currently have in place with our customers. 

We can still be contacted via our Help Center here: https://spinifexit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Reach out to us via email: [email protected]

We can still be contacted via our support phone numbers

  • Americas:  +1 (800) 480-6857
  • Europe : (+44) 0-80-8-189-0077
  • Australia / New Zealand : (+61) 1300 667 187
  • Southeast Asia :   (+65) 3163 1065 (SG) or  (+91) 000-800-100-4091 (India)

B. SpinifexIT uses state of the art cloud infrastructure capability to manage our Software Development and Releases processes, our Customer Care and Support processes, our Human Resource processes and our Financial Management processes. 

C. Under the BCP, our operational office-based employees, predominantly in Melbourne and Manila are working from their home-based locations and those involved with service provisioning are equipped with secure corporate laptop devices and corporate mobile devices to continue to run our services as “business as usual”.

D. We are observing the government’s restrictions related to this crisis for all countries we operate in and are also following the specific recommendation by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Some of the key actions we have taken, but are not limited are as follows:


  • Cancellation of all business travel, and all employees were advised to avoid non-urgent personal travel.
  • Cancellation of business travel on populated public transportation facilities such as airplanes, trains, trams or buses. We have set a recommendation that all employees avoid non-urgent personal travel.
  • Any employee that recently boarded an aircraft in the past week or returning back from overseas or interstate travel either domestically or abroad self isolates and continues to work from home for a minimum 14-day precautionary period (if not more as required by local authorities)
  • All local government travel restrictions are also enforced.
  • No visitors to attend our offices (Melbourne or Manila) and any deliveries are left at the building front desk for a designated employee to pick up or redirect the delivery to their home address.

Health checks & meetings

  • All employee attendance and health are tracked on a daily basis.
  • Any employee to report any symptoms that could be associated with the virus to our office managers or business unit leaders and seek immediate medical assistance and advise our office managers and/or SpinifexIT business unit leaders directly or through their emergency contacts. We are following the symptom guidelines of the COVID-19 virus as specified by WHO.
  • All in-person planned events, parties, meet-ups, and conferences are canceled.
  • All expected onsite office interviews have been rescheduled as video conference interviews.
  • Engagement with our customers and partners is run remotely via phone or video conferencing with the exception of local individual employee travel and engagement upon the agreement with the customer or partner and also following their COVID-19 BCP processes and government-specific restrictions.

SpinifexIT will continue to closely monitor the situation on a daily basis and is prepared to make further real-time decisions to implement other measures to support our employees, our customers, partners and suppliers.

Our decisions will also systematically comply with government authorities’ restrictions and recommendations in all our operating countries.

Please all take care and be safe in such unprecedented times and we sincerely thank you for your continued support and trust in us.


Darren Pithie

Global CEO

Email: [email protected]

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