Running Payroll in 2021

Learn from Rizing’s Ebook, Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors

Payroll challenges and trends in 2021

Payroll challenges and trends in 2021 150 150 SpinifexIT

Explore payroll challenges and trends in the latest e-book released by our partner, Rizing HCM!

Rizing has recently published a comprehensive e-book talking about payroll challenges and upcoming trends and how they can support your business.

It also showcases case studies and customer success stories showing how a transparent, streamlined payroll process alongside payroll data visibility can do wonders for your company.

What’s inside the eBook:

• The Scary Thing About Payroll
• Challenged to Rethink the Payroll Function
• Reimagining Payroll
• Trends in Payroll for a New Decade
• Cloud Offers Distinct Business Advantages
• Redesign Payroll – Deciding to Change
• Case Study – National Bank of Canada
• Choosing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll
• Is Best-In-Class Limited to Large Multi-Nationals?
• Why this Matters – It’s More than Table Stakes



About Rizing


Rizing is a global company that operates in NA, EMEA and APAC and specializes in HCM services and proprietary apps that leverage the SAP Cloud Platform.

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