Mastering SAP HR & Payroll | March 19-20, 2019


Meet SpinifexIT’s SAP Experts at the Mastering SAP HR & Payroll Conference on March 19-20, 2019 in Sydney!

SpinifexIT will be joining this year’s Mastering SAP HR & Payroll Conference for the third time in a row. We’re looking forward to sharing our exciting new solutions updates which help organisation from around the world to:

  • Optimise their existing HR & Payroll end-to-end processes which includes HCM document generation, reporting and payroll reconciliation
  • Improve risk mitigation & compliance
  • Maximise their existing SAP HCM and SuccessFactors investments while future-proofing their systems and processes
  • Take advantage of real-time data-driven analytics to make better business decisions.

We’re inviting you to drop by our booth so we can catch up and talk about how we can work together to solve your top HCM and Payroll puzzles.


How to get there: 

Ask us about our Simple but Powerful Single Touch Payroll Solution

Many of our new and existing customers have started using Easy STP, our powerful reporting and reconciliation solution for the Australian Single Touch Payroll requirement which went live last October, to streamline their own single touch payroll reporting process. We’re now in the process of releasing an improved and updated version of Easy STP which includes new features and functionalities based on our customers’ initial feedback and suggestions. This new version includes several new reports, small changes to existing reconciliation reports, and two of the most top requested features which we’d be glad to share with you on the conference.

Advantages of using SpinifexIT's Easy STP solution

Get regular updates and enhancements

Ongoing enhancements which improve the solution's usability is included in Easy STP. SpinifexIT releases regular upgrades which include new reports and documents to help reconcile and report on your STP information.

Community-driven improvements

With over 100 current customers moving into the solution in the next few weeks, Easy STP will be receiving dozens of ideas and requests from the top Payroll Experts and Consultants in the industry. These ideas, once added into the solution, provides a great added benefit to its growing userbase.

Save lots of time and effort

Easy STP is a complete solution that not only targets the area of reconciling but also cater to the implementation of STP which includes the checking of ongoing configuration and reporting.

Made by Payroll Experts for Payroll Experts

SpinifexIT has developed Easy Payment Summaries (EPS), a leading Payroll Reconciliation solution that is widely used across Australia. As an added bonus, EPS' powerful features will also be made available to SpinifexIT customers who will be using Easy STP. This enables them to report on any older values and take advantage of the Payment Summaries reports as needed

SpinifexIT’s Easy Single Touch Payroll Resources

View the latest news about Easy STP, the go-to solution for Australian Single Touch Payroll Reconciliation
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Single Touch Payroll is Nearly Here for SAP Payroll

Published on September 27, 2018

A handy blog post that summarizes the Single Touch Payroll Process and how SpinifexIT’s Easy STP solution can help optimize this.

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Are You Ready For SAP’s STP Deployment

Published on October 3, 2018

What are the required steps that you need to take to prepare for the STP roll out? Read the blog to learn more.

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Reconciling Single Touch Payroll

Published on October 10, 2018

Published 1 day before SAP’s STP roll out. I’m sharing some considerations during Go Live and how our Easy STP solution fits in the process.

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Your go-to solution for Australian Single Touch Payroll Reconciliation Just Got Better

Published on February 13, 2019

We've implemented two major features for Easy STP. Find out how these new functionalities can make your STP process so much simpler.

See Easy STP In Action

Discover the possibilities with Easy STP!
If you have any questions about this session or if you’d like to request a separate demonstration for you and your team, email us at

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