Global Leadership Team

Spinifexit Global Architect Gregory Tutt

Gregory Tutt | Global Solutions & Innovations Architect

Gregory has two decades of combined SAP and SuccessFactors experience with expertise in the software industry.

He moved to the Philippines in 2009 to grow his development team, and within 2 years was leading a large team of over 600 employees in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Spain and Belgium, developing cutting edge software solutions in the SAP industry.

He is an entrepreneur who has a passion for people, software architecture and coming up with novel, out of the box, and innovative ideas. He is a maximizer-activator who loves transforming these ideas into reality. Gregory is inspired by the future and inspires others by his vision.

At SpinifexIT, Gregory is the Global Solutions & Innovations Architect responsible for all our Cloud Solutions, as well as managing our largest office in the Philippines.