Global Leadership Team

Founder and Chief Executive Order Darren Pithie

Darren Pithie | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Darren’s focus has always been on the Customer and in particular, on a quality outcome for the Customer. With a strong science, technology and accounting background coupled with many years of IT Project Management, Darren is a solution-oriented driver of technology change in organisations. These unique skills have awarded Darren with a detailed understanding of the complexities of organisations from:

  • people,
  • processes,
  • technology

And ultimately; the impacts that ‘change’ can have on each of these areas. Wrapping these skills into SpinifexIT has provided Darren with a tremendous platform to take cutting edge technologies to grow an outstanding business with a tremendously dedicated team.

With award-winning technology in the SAP and SuccessFactors market space, SpinifexIT has been able to forge a dominant global market position in the key areas of HCM process improvement for the business stakeholders.