Upgrade Options for SAP HCM Customers

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Currently, there are over 8000 SAP customers using the SAP ECC Solution. In the coming years, these customers will need to upgrade as the current version of SAP is only supported for a limited time, until 2027, with additional extended maintenance until 2030.

While the deadline may seem far away, there is a concern that consultants available to assist with the migration will become scarce at some point.

Recommended Upgrade Options

1. Migrate to Employee Central & Employee Central Payroll

For HCM customers, the recommended approach from SAP is to implement Employee Central and migrate Payroll to Employee Central Payroll.

This is the best approach for customers looking for a future-proofed HR/Payroll solution. SAP will be investing most of their future innovation around HR into SuccessFactors solutions, and Employee Central Payroll is the recommended option for the best integration.

Migrating to Employee Central involves implementing Employee Central and migrating the Payroll Configuration to the Employee Central Payroll System. SpinifexIT provides software solutions, such as Easy Migration/Easy Go Live, to assist with data loading, migration of configuration and employee data and testing.

2. Upgrade to S/4HANA

The S/4HANA solution offers an alternative upgrade path, especially for customers with multiple modules of SAP (e.g., Finance, Logistics, HR/Payroll) who may want to upgrade to the S/4HANA solution.

In this scenario, customers have options for upgrading. They can purchase their own hardware and install S/4HANA locally, or choose to install it in a S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition.

Migrating to S/4HANA is relatively simpler, and customers can continue using their existing SAP HCM solutions. However, it’s important to note that innovation will be limited, and the user experience will be similar to the current HCM Solution.

SpinifexIT provides tools to assist with this upgrade, and the same solutions used for upgrading to Employee Central/Employee Central Payroll can also be used. These solutions are particularly useful if there is a need to transform configuration, clean up data, or migrate a limited amount of data to the new system.

3. Customers who had previously moved to Compatibility Pack on S/4HANA

Prior to 2023, customers moving to S/4HANA who wanted HCM to be installed had the option to install HCM within a Compatibility Pack. This special option installed SAP ECC 6 Enhancement Pack 8 into the customer’s SAP S/4HANA environment, where the HCM functionality was running.

The compatibility pack solution is supported only until January 2025. Therefore, these customers need to upgrade to a S/4HANA version that has HCM embedded (S/4HANA 2022 version or higher)

SpinifexIT Solutions align with SAP Roadmap

All SpinifexIT Solutions are aligned with the SAP Roadmap. Each solution has been fully tested on S/4HANA.  The S/4HANA version is currently undergoing certification with SAP. Many existing customers are already using these solutions on the ECP and S/4HANA 2022 version.

For customers moving to the S/4HANA solution, they will not only receive the core solutions but also a rebuilt Fiori interface for report building and execution, aligned with the new User Experience.

SpinifexIT solutions are designed to be flexible and adapt to the customer landscape as it evolves. Examples include:

The same applies if you are moving to Employee Central Payroll. In this case, Easy Reporter and Easy Documents customers will also receive the new Fiori front end for Easy Reporter. 

Additionally, since Employee Central Payroll always includes Employee Central, Easy Reporter for ECP will always include the ability to report on SuccessFactors data. Similarly, Easy Clone will, by default, include the ability to copy Employee Central Data.


As a SAP Partner for the last 20 years, SpinifexIT has undergone many SAP upgrades and has aligned with the SAP Roadmap. This alignment will continue as customers move to S/4HANA and Employee Central Payroll.

The future roadmap of SpinifexIT will continue to evolve the solutions as SAP evolves.

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