Easy Documents

Streamline Employee Correspondence and Documentation Creation.

Easy Documents

Streamline Employee Correspondence and Documentation Creation.

What is Easy Documents?

Easy Documents is an integrated SAP add-on solution, which allows you to automate your document and letter creation for your staff.

Users can generate and distribute custom documents and reports without the need for programming or scripting.

Anything that requires a document can be automated.

Streamline various manual processes within your workflow, including:

Key Features

  • Generate HR documents without leaving SAP

  • Include pictures, logos, charts or graphs

  • Pre-populate PDF employment forms

  • Automatically generate & distribute documents

  • Eliminate custom code & data merges

  • Combine multiple reports to create dashboards

How does Easy Documents work?

When needed, there are ways to create necessary documents, but manual processing poses error risks.
Easy Documents empowers HCM end users to create their own documents with a simple interface.

Traditional Document Creation

1. Extract Data
Using SAP Query, ABAP, etc.

2. Export Data
Save SAP data output locally or on network.

3. Manipulate Data
Manually manipulate data using Excel.

4. Create Templates
Create various merge documents in Word.

5. Run Mail Merge
Use Word to merge data into documents.

6. Mail / Distribute
Print, mail or email all documents.

With Easy Documents

1. Gather Data
Utilize SpinifexIT Easy Reporter to effortlessly gather data.

2. Build the Document
Build & customize documents using Easy Documents.

3. Distribution Options
Distribute documents with Easy Documents versatile options.

4. Run the Document
Run as a background job to generate & distribute documents.


Gather the Data

Utilize Easy Reporter to effortlessly build one or more reports, gathering the data you need by simply dragging and dropping fields from SAP HCM or SuccessFactors. 

Take advantage of built-in tools for calculations and data manipulation, and enhance your convenience by choosing from our pre-designed reports.


Gather the Data

Utilize Easy Reporter to effortlessly build one or more reports, gathering the data you need by simply dragging and dropping fields from SAP HXM or SuccessFactors. 

Take advantage of built-in tools for calculations and data manipulation, and enhance your convenience by choosing from our pre-designed reports.


Build the Document

When building a new document, customize the Header, Body, or Footer by incorporating any of the various options listed below.

  • Free Text

    Input your desired information with available formatting options like fonts, colors, bold, and italics. Any embedded field will be automatically filled upon document execution.

  • Graphic

    Utilize the graphic section to showcase a logo or background image on the page.

  • Chart

    Display Easy Reporter reports as a chart - bar chart, pie chart, line chart, and more.

  • Report

    Add a report from Easy Reporter to your document, such as a list of absences from the past 12 months, including dates and hours taken. This makes it easy to collect data and display totals and subtotals.

  • Table

    Format fields into a table with a customizable header and column count to suit your data preferences.

  • Fixed Position

    Align any field to a specific position on a page when filling out forms.


Distribution Options

Easy Documents empowers you not just to automate the creation of your needed documents but also provides a variety of distribution options. 

You can effortlessly send the output via email, store it locally or on a network file, archive it in SAP Archivelink, or send it to Strato Storage, offering you a comprehensive array of choices.


Run the Document

When initiating a document run, you have the option to perform it online for content verification. Once prepared, our customers often run it as a background job, generating and distributing thousands of documents.

Types of Documents

  • Letter/Free Format

    This format accommodates one or many pages with features such as headers, footers, text, logos, charts, and more embedded into the document.

  • Fixed Position

    Automate form filling effortlessly with Easy Documents. Upload the form layout and specify fixed data positions, eliminating the need for manual form creation.

  • Management

    Create summary documents for team/region leads and cost center managers, highlighting staff, costs, and upcoming events with charts and summaries.

Manager Self Service or Employee Self Service

From hire to retire, Easy Documents simplifies the creation of essential employee documents.

Business Reporting Documents

In addition, the following are some further documents you may be needing.

Manager Self Service or Employee Self Service

With the SpinifexIT web-interface, you not only have the ability to create the documents you require, but you can also make them accessible to managers or even employees themselves for document creation. 

Managers can trigger the creation of Management Reports, while employees can generate certificates of employment letters and much more.

Easy Documents Add-ons

  • Easy Documents Strato Workflow

    With Strato workflow, documents can be seamlessly transferred for distribution to employees.

  • Easy Documents Strato Storage

    With Strato Storage, a feature included for users of Easy Documents and Strato Storage, you can easily store documents in employee storage. These can be later accessed by your team or the employee.

  • Easy HelpDesk

    For customers with Easy Helpdesk, any Easy Documents created can be included within the Helpdesk menu.

  • Easy PCC

    For customers with Easy PCC, if you have Easy Documents activated, you can display any document within the PCC Error screens, or you can run the document runs as part of the PCC report step.

Create & Distribute Documents Faster

When a global manufacturer decided to replace and automate its manual performance review letters, they chose Easy Documents. After eliminating data extracts and manual merges, the result was a 98% reduction in time and effort spent on this task annually.



Easy Documents



Easy Documents

Choosing the Right Solution

Streamline employee correspondence effortlessly with comprehensive document solutions tailored to your needs.

Choose between two powerful options: Strato Documents, a cloud-based solution seamlessly integrated into SuccessFactors, ideal for users of SuccessFactors Employee Central/Recruiting as their primary data source; and Easy Documents, recommended for customers primarily utilizing SAP On-Prem or S/4HANA systems.

Whether you’re focused on SuccessFactors or SAP HCM data, our solutions optimize employee correspondence with ease.

Document Type & Data Easy Documents Strato
Documents containing SAP Payroll information
Best Solution
Documents with SuccessFactors Information

Best solution

Documents with complex formatting requirements
Best Solution
Documents with conditional formatting needs

Best solution 

Documents containing SuccessFactors pending data
Management document containing team information
Document containing charts
Document containing trend data from SAP HCM
Creation & distribution of SAP Payslips
Documents containing SuccessFactors recruiting data
Best solution
Document Creation Easy Documents Strato
Employee Self Service creation
Manager Self Service creation
Best solution

Create document based on selection criteria
Best Solution
Schedule, create & distribute document based on criteria


Trigger document based on SuccessFactors workflow action
Distribution of Documents Easy Documents Strato
Email with document attachment
Best solution
Use of Strato Workflow for approval or digital signature

Storage of Documents Easy Documents Strato
Store to SAP Archivelink
Best solution
Store to Strato Storage

Storage of SAP spool information to Strato Storage

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