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We’ve known many organisations who’ve had over 40 payroll errors per month, at best. Multiply this in a year and you’ll get around 500 pay-related errors due to inconsistent data sources, disjointed processes and manual encoding errors. A framework that lets you proactively detect errors and flag these for your team in a single screen sounds like a nice idea.

SAP’s Payroll Control Centre solution was created exactly for this business need.

However, simply setting this up requires a lot of time, effort, and cost. SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter, our PCC-integrated solution, helps organisations implement PCC faster and expand its capabilities to include full reporting coverage.

In just a few days, your Payroll team can start reaping the benefits of an automated and fully integrated payroll process.


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Future-proofed payroll processes with SpinifexIT

Spinifexit case study retail Australia

Step 1, get rid of custom ABAP codes.

Step 2, take advantage of Easy Reporter’s comprehensive features

The SpinifexIT Effect

Easy Reporter’s drag and drop features and integration with both SAP On-premise and Employee Central has enabled a massive retail company to generate multiple types of reports from various sources on-demand.

Spinifexit wcs easy reporter case study

The Wildlife Conservation Society saves hundreds of hours by simplifying their SAP HCM & Payroll reports creation with Easy Reporter.

Our Payroll Solutions and their impact to businesses

“It’s a 10/10! Instead of spending 24 hours a month merging and reconciling 10 SAP reports, I just run one Easy Reporter report and it only takes 2 hours!”

-Michelle Mara, Payroll Director, Wildlife Conservation Society

Meet Easy Reporter®, our Payroll Control Centre Integrated Solution

Cut down PCC implementation time and take advantage of Easy Reporter’s comprehensive reports

Flexible and easy-to-use

Organisations installing PCC may decide to use SAP’s rapid deployment solution which requires some custom development, loading of transports, and ABAP. Our PCC-integrated solution can be used to build these instead.

Declustered payroll reporting

Report from the de-clustered payroll results by simply checking a box on the report configuration screen and automatically pick up results from either production or simulation runs.

85% Faster implementation time

Deploying PCC and configuring several reconciliation automations may take 2 – 3 months. With Easy Reporter, this whole process can be completed in less than two weeks.

Pre-delivered payroll reconciliation reports

Rather than creating exceptions and checks from scratch, you may leverage Easy Reporter’s pre-delivered Payroll reports and reconciliation templates right off the bat. Start achieving perfect payroll runs in no time!

Here’s a preview just for you

SAP’s Payroll Control Centre helps organisations improve the way they run payroll so they can start hitting perfect payroll runs through proactive reporting and reconciliation.

The caveat: It takes 2-3 months and heaps of technical configuration to set this up.

This isn’t very ideal for organisations eager to start using Payroll Control Centre’s expansive features.

Easy Reporter, our PCC-integrated solution can cut down this implementation time by 83%.

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Define exception checks and investigate errors. Here’s a 1-minute demo of our Payroll Control Centre integrated solution in action.

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Eliminate the need for technical assistance

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Spot errors and resolve them all on a single screen