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When discussing Easy Reporter, the conversation naturally revolves around reporting needs. In most cases, this is aimed at addressing the immediate requirements of the Payroll Team, including Reconciliation, Payroll Audits, or General Company Reporting.

However, for many customers, there is also a need to integrate and distribute information to other areas, such as SAP Analytics Cloud (or other BI Solutions), create interface files for external transmission, or enable internal consumption of these reports via Employee Self Service or Managers Self Service.

Easy Reporter offers much more

Over the years, Easy Reporter has evolved into much more than just a reporting solution. Many of our customers now use it to integrate data into their own internal systems or even external solutions.

The advantage for our customers is that Easy Reporter provides access to the majority of the data they may need to export into external systems. This includes not only the complex tables within the SAP environment but also SuccessFactors Data, and the ability to import data from external files. Moreover, the HR or Payroll Team can build the reports themselves. Once they have the data in a report, setting up the required export file becomes a fairly simple process.

This blog aims to provide an overview of some of the available output options.

What are the output options?

When it comes to consuming the reports, the first and most common option for our customers is to run them directly. All our reports are built within SAP, and our customers can use the Easy Reporter interface directly from SAPGUI, SAP Business Client, or WebGui. Typically, these users are within the HR or Payroll Team itself, and they have access to the complete solution, including the creation of various interface options.

Secondly, many of our customers want to share reports with different teams within the company. For this purpose, we offer a Web Fiori solution for Manager Self Service or Employee Self Service, enabling managers or employees to access any reports they need.

The final area involves exporting the report data from Easy Reporter. Here, there are several diverse options available.

Easy Reporter Blog_Output Options_Graphic

Easy Reporter – Import & Export options

File Formats

When sending a file, there are many formats available, including:


As seen from the information above, the Easy Reporter solution offers more than just reporting capabilities. It not only provides access to the majority of the HCM and SuccessFactors data sources but also offers multiple output formats for consumption by other solutions.

This is one of the advantages of Easy Reporter that makes it the most versatile solution for SAP HCM customers.

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