Stress-free Year-end Reconciliation

Powered by SpinifexIT’s Easy Balance® for US & Canadian Payroll & Tax Reconciliation

Optimise your key US and Canadian year-end Payroll activities

As business operations ease into the holidays by end-of year, most Payroll, HR and Finance operations are still scrambling during this crazy season to complete payroll and tax year-end reports and completing statutory requirements. For most organisations, this means taking in additional hours and using more resources to create and validate reports, issue documents, and achieve 100% compliance. 

A complete solution that automatically validates your data and eliminates errors comes in handy.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Balance keeps these year-end processes hassle-free. It helps users stay ahead of processing and reconciliation deadlines by integrating reports that help verify data all year long, and pre-configured employee correspondence that can save time & resources.

Meet Easy Balance®


A comprehensive suite of processes and tools that streamline US & Canadian payroll & tax reconciliation 

Correct issues in real-time

SpinifexIT allows you to easily check tax configuration information within SAP year-round to provide peace of mind for payroll departments. If you find an issue, Easy Balance will help you identify and correct those in real time.

Automated Communication & Correspondence

Easy Balance automatically populates employee payroll & tax forms and letters

Three-way reconciliation

With Easy Balance, you're able to produce a report that allows you to have a three-way reconciliation of your payroll data within a single report. This includes finding & fixing negative values, verification of the payroll configuration's accuracy, and tax validation. Users may also take advantage of Easy Balance's drill-down features which helps them find differences quicker.


What one of our customers say about Easy Balance

Since implementing Easy Balance, we’ve been able to more easily find discrepancies in tax reporting such as unemployment, uncollected FICA and zero federal withholding. These reports save hours of reconciliation time over our old process.
Kim Wagester
Asst. Controller/ Financial Services

Easy Balance is a process-driven solution that runs comprehensive reconciliation activities in 3 easy steps 

Running Validation & Exception Reports

Easy Balance runs a series of pre-configured reports that allow you to identify the completeness and accuracy of your data in-hand, as well as wage type configuration.

Reconciliation & General Reporting

Once these information are checked and validated, Easy Balance runs a report that lets you reconcile T-4s, source deductions, finance posting, and other payroll, tax, and finance activities.

Forms and Employee Correspondence

Once every information is deemed correct and up to date, Easy Balance automatically generates payroll and tax-related letters such as Tax Exempt Statuses, W2 forms, Source Deductions, Vacation Payouts, and more.

With Easy Balance, you'll be able to:

  • Streamline payroll and tax reconciliation
  • Find & fix negative values
  • Verify and validate the accuracy of payroll configuration
  • Continuously monitor & reconcile data throughout the year
  • View errors and drill down to differences
  • Pre-populate payroll & tax forms and letters
  • Get frequent updates on compliance

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