Simplified SAP Payroll and SuccessFactors Reporting At Your Fingertips
Simplified SAP Payroll and SuccessFactors Reporting At Your Fingertips 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Meet Easy Reporter, an easy-to-use Web Reporting tool to make generating SAP Payroll and HCM reports so much faster.

Easy Reporter seamlessly integrates with SAP’s Payroll Control Center. Automate and optimize your key HCM processes with this powerful combo.

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Benefits of using Easy Reporter

Access reports quickly with easy-to-use tiles

Use pre-delivered reports to reconcile Payroll

Future-proof your
payroll processes

Always display the latest info across all reports

Implement your Payroll Control Center 85% faster

Nail your Audit & Compliance (eg. GDPR) reporting requirements

Frequently Asked Questions, answered!

What is the implementation time for Easy Reporter?

Easy Reporter doesn’t require a full implementation that takes days, it is simply a matter of receiving and applying a set of transports from our team. Once the transports are provided, we will set up a training plan that spans a couple of days for your Superuser, and another day for your Admin.

Do you have any pre-delivered reports for UK Gender Pay Gap reporting?

We do have some standard reports and they work fairly similarly to the SAP standard but have a bit more flexibility built in. To see the full list of our reports, send a request to

With the Easy Reporter file output options, can we send a file directly to our pension provider?

Yes indeed. Easy Reporter provides the ability to output files via email as you saw or for a more secure option you can also upload the file directly via FTP. In both cases, you can also leverage your own encryption tools within Easy Reporter to further secure your data.

What is the minimum enhancement pack needed for Easy Reporter and Payroll Control Centre?

Payroll Control Centre requires Enhancement Pack 7 with HR Renewal 2.0. Easy Reporter is tested down to a much earlier enhancement pack level. However, if you want to integrate with the PCC then of course you need to be up to date.

Do we need to have Payroll Control Centre already implemented to use the Easy Reporter functionality?

Yes, because we integrate into the PCC framework you will need to have the basics implemented in order to make use of the Easy Reporter integration. The good news is that using Easy Reporter means that the implementation time can be dramatically reduced. We provide all the same RDS exception checks as the standard SAP RDS, and as you can imagine it is much much easier and faster to adapt those to your requirements or build new checks

SAP Payroll Control Center Deployment Made Easier
Find out easier ways to accelerate your Payroll Control Center Deployment
Find out easier ways to accelerate your Payroll Control Center Deployment 1024 512 SpinifexIT

For SAP On-Premise, Hybrid, or SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Environments

Get your Payroll Control Center up and running in no time with a powerful rapid-deployment solution. Optimize this process by 85% with this powerful Payroll Reconciliation and Reporting Combo.

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Payroll Control Center RDS at a glance

Use multiple methods of
validating data & payroll

Reduce PCC
Implementation Time

Future-proof your

Set up your PCC without
technical assistance

Web Reporting

Empower your
Payroll Team today

Strato SAP Certified Built on SAP Cloud platform
Strato On-Demand Document Generation solution has been recertified
Strato On-Demand Document Generation solution has been recertified 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Strato has been re-certified as a solution built on SAP Cloud Platform. Start creating complete HCM and Payroll Documents with Strato today.

SpinifexIT today announced that its Strato On-demand Document Generation Solution has been recertified as built on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform. 

The solution has been proven to integrate with the SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central, Recruiting, Performance Management, Talent and Employee Profile modules, enabling users to produce elegantly formatted and professional-looking employee letters and documents that cover an employee’s full HCM lifecycle needs.

Information about the certification:

Certification type: Built on SAP Cloud Platform’ certification
Certification issuance: April 11, 2019
Certified functions: Java Application running on SAP Cloud Platform

  • Multi-Tenancy Enabled
  • Cloud Extension Connected to SAP SuccessFactors

“We are delighted that our certification has been renewed. This certification guarantees to our customers that we are following the best practices from SAP and that our architecture, processes and security have been tested and certified. Strato is in the middle of a journey where we will bring more functionalities in 2019 to help our customers to focus on more important tasks.”

Gregory Tutt, Global Solutions and Innovations Architect, SpinifexIT

Strato can be accessed directly from the user’s SAP SuccessFactors homepage. Strato has powerful data-gathering, filtering, conditional logic and advanced formatting features to create accurate professional-looking documents. It uses the correct and most recent SAP SuccessFactors data across its documents, thus, significantly reducing or even removing inputting errors and revisions. Its reusable templates and assets reduce the time spent on document creation by 90%.

Find out the use cases Strato can solve

Discover how Strato empowers your employees while extending your HCM applications and Recruitment reach.

Find out more about Strato by sending us an e-mail at for more information and to ask for a demonstration