Why Access to HR Documents Is Essential During a Crisis

An enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was imposed all over Metro Manila and some parts of the Philippines on March 16, 2020.

Set up to flatten the COVID curve, the quarantine entailed that civilians could only go out to acquire basic necessities.

Frontliners were allowed to go to work, as long as they carried the necessary government and HR documents. The list included the following: a quarantine pass, a government ID, a company ID and a Certificate of Employment (COE), which proved to be a challenge for many employees.

The Challenge

Since many HR departments in the Philippines are still traditional, acquiring a COE is a challenge for employees. Employees have to make a formal request to the HR department ahead of time to acquire the document. This could take at least three days, depending on the company.

The Solution

This challenge was easily met by companies (Of course including SpinifexIT) using Strato Documents. Strato Documents is a solution by SpinifexIT that lets employees log in to Success Factors and generate their Certificate of Employment (COE) when they need it.

They only need to set a time period for the validity of the COE. After that, they can just downlod and print the document.

The Results

Quarantine guidelines changed every two weeks in the Philippines, which made needing a COE unpredictable. Employees with access to Strato were able to go to work without any inconveniences.

All they needed was to access Strato online, generate their COE, download and print it to bring with them every time they had to go to work.