SAP HR Consultant 

SAP Consultant – SpinifexIT Deutschland GmbH


  • Highly proficient in SpinifexIT Products and processes
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with SpinifexIT solutions
  • At least 10 years of experience in HCM and SAP (and SuccessFactors)

Other skills that would be deemed necessary include:

  • Being Achievement-focused with an ability to work with a high degree of autonomy
  • Discerning best practice that promotes efficiency and scalability
  • Creativity
  • Effective planning and management of multiple priorities
  • Effective collaboration skills to use all resources and opportunities available to achieve goals
  • Outstanding verbal, written and presentation abilities (in German and in English) with a high attention to detail

SpinifexIT Deutschland GmbH is seeking an energetic and innovative Consultant who will be based in Germany

The role reports to the Regional Solutions Architect and will be both technical and pre-sales in nature. 


The Consultant is responsible for building and disseminating intellectual capital for SpinifexIT Solutions to customers and prospects across Germany.

The role requires the deliberate effort to explore and understand the changing SAP/SF landscape through interactions with SAP, SpinifexIT Partners, Customers and SpinifexIT’s global architects and to apply this knowledge to others (internally and externally) so that robust business solutions are always offered to potential German customers.

The pre-sales part of the role involves supporting the SpinifexIT’s Deutschland GmbH business by providing the right tailored solutions to customers and supporting the market needs of SpinifexIT.

This part of the role will work closely with the Global Architects and have the following responsibilities:

  • To attend weekly meetings with other RSAs and GA so that a forum is created to share experiences and intelligence from the German market
  • To communicate key intelligence to Sales and Consultant teams through eLMS modules, updating materials available on the company intranet and/or white papers. Present regularly at Sales Team Meetings.
  • To communicate SpinifexIT business solutions to the wider market through social media, blogs, website, webinars etc. using the marketing team to assist in deployment.
  • To be a spokesperson at key HCM conferences and User Group Meetings in their region.
  • Develop content to support marketing collateral
  • Strengthen key relationships within the SAP market and German customer base, receiving and sharing intelligence on trends in market, customer requirements and future developments. This includes establishing a strong relationship and connection with SAP Architects, Partner Architects, and the top strategic customers / prospects’ Architects. 
  • Deliver all the SpinifexIT solutions training and consulting to the German Customers and other European customers as required.


The Consultant will be required to participate in pre-sales meetings, trade shows, conferences, DSAG meetings etc.. especially when the client is searching for business solutions to a range of complex issues.

They will be responsible to thoroughly research unique issues faced by the client and then conduct in-depth and customised technical discovery and demonstrations that showcase our products and our future roadmap to meet the client’s current and future business needs.

The Consultant will also provide information to the Sales Team to allow changes to the sales presentations and solution positioning based on their knowledge of the changes in market, customer difficulties and evolving landscape of solutions.