SpinifexIT Philippines Joins SM Cares' E-Waste Collection Drive

Championing Responsible E-Waste Disposal

As a step towards environmental responsibility, SpinifexIT, a premier provider of cutting-edge HR and payroll solutions, joins SM Cares’ E-Waste Collection Program.

The E-Waste Collection Drive, organized by SM Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Supermalls, seeks to address the growing issue of electronic waste, which poses environmental risks if not disposed of properly. The campaign thus encourages individuals and businesses to dispose of their electronic devices responsibly.

Recognizing the importance of tackling this issue and minimizing its ecological footprint, SpinifexIT has taken part in this program by donating outdated and faulty laptops, monitors, UPS, batteries, IP phones, and laptop accessories.

“Participating in this program provides us with a solution to the problem of accumulated outdated devices that have built up for years,” shares SpinifexIT IT Manager Juvie Cue. “Recognizing the significance of such campaigns, smaller-scale organizations, like us, express our appreciation for initiatives such as this one.”

As these initiatives gain momentum, it sends a powerful message that businesses have a vital role to play in safeguarding the environment. 

Through more collaborations, a greener and more sustainable future becomes achievable, one device at a time.

SpinifexIT’s IT Support Specialist Allen Briones (Left) and Junior IT Support Engineer Juan Miguel Vallespin (Right), alongside a representative from SM Cares.

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