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HR and payroll support staff deal with a wide variety of issues on a daily basis, ranging from basic leave allocation questions to specialized pay-related problems.

Complex inquiries are usually pay and benefits related as it requires a level of confidentiality and accuracy. Failure to address these directly leads to employee demotivation, and exposes the company to audit risks and non-compliance to legislative requirements. Having multiple support personnel attempt to answer one complex query may lead to unnecessary delays and frustration both from the employee and your support staff.

Having a single source of correct and updated information on a single screen is considered a best practice.

SpinifexIT’s solution for employee enquiries simplifies SAP HCM and payroll shared service processes by allowing users to quickly research and resolve queries from a single screen inside of SAP. Even junior staff members will be equipped to handle complex inquiries immediately.

Empowering the first tier of your HR/payroll support team to answer these type of questions within minutes allows them to spend more time and focus on resolving your most difficult challenges.


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SpinifexIT helped a worldwide people-first company to improve the way they deliver their HR and payroll services.

Helpdesk Solutions

Empowered their 60-strong team to quickly and easily respond to all employee inquiries including payslip requests, employee certificates, total compensation statements, and more

Payment Summaries

Automated year-end reconciliation reports on payroll and tax, making the season stress and hassle-free


Veered away from custom ABAP development and created over 100 complex reports from multiple data sources using easy-to-use drag-and-drop features

Document Generation

Eliminated manual document distribution processes and made company-wide documents and letters easily accessible through self-service

Meet Easy Help Desk®

Time-saving processes that reduce payroll and HCM shared service center efforts by 80 percent

Real-time payroll information

See historical and current payroll results information real-time. Rather than navigating SAP to find answers, Easy Help Desk provides all resources in an intuitive interface so that even non-SAP experts can answer queries off the bat.

Secure, single view

All information required to solve your employees’ enquiries are kept secure within the SAP environment. Easy Help Desk is 100% integrated with the SAP interface – exiting screens and switching tabs are a thing of the past.

Automated, intelligent analysis

Easy Help Desk reduces the time spent researching employee HCM and payroll queries. It helps automatically identify SAP master data changes and events like retroactivity that impact pay results and highlighting explanations for the changes.

Access employee reports & documents

Easy Help Desk allows your team to easily access your employees’ required information (payslip, COEs, and tax documents) from a single screen. Document requests can be sent to the employees right away.

How many support staff are required to answer one complex payroll enquiry, and how long will it take them to solve it?

An employee asked their HR Shared Services team about an underpayment for two pay periods. Since she is a non-office staff, she receives her payslip copy from her direct manager by mail. She lost her copy since, but distinctly remembers the discrepancies.

She phoned the service centre’s number and asked for the following: 1) a copy of her payslip to be sent to her, 2) to check why there was a discrepancy on her pay and how much, 3) to know if the underpayment will still affect her next pay, and 4) if it can be rectified and retro-paid asap.

HR Shared Services Team

First: The first HR support specialist who picked up the call was able to confirm her credentials and send her payslip for mailing, however, they need an additional authorization to access pay details and since they are not SAP-trained, they do not have both the skill and authorization to answer her question. The employee was put on hold for the next tier agent.

Second: The enquiry was forwarded to a Help desk specialist who has SAP access. While on the phone, the Payroll Specialist checked the employee’s payslip, contents, and historical data in SAP for over 15 minutes as it required going through several SAP menu paths. Since they do not necessarily compute payroll, they asked the employee to go on hold as they transfer the line to a Payroll Specialist.

Third: The Payroll Specialist reconfirms the employee’s identity and asks her to relay her issue once more. The Payroll Specialist logs into SAP to validate the employee’s payroll results for another 10 minutes, drilling down to several menus, before confirming the issue.

She advises the employee about the nature of her underpayment and advised the employee to file a payroll ticket to ensure its correction on the next pay period. The Payroll Specialist was able to provide a computation of her next pay, but for this to take effect, the employee has to send a formal e-mail requesting for correct payment.

It took the shared services team three resources and over 45 minutes of their time and the employee’s time to understand the issue, research its causes, and provide a solution.

The employee still had to do something from their end, even though it wasn’t their mistake in the first place.

The result? Wasted man hours, a frustrated employee, and an unresolved enquiry.

HR Support Specialist using Easy Helpdesk

First: The first HR support specialist who picked up the call was able to confirm the employee’s credentials. She launches Easy Help Desk from the SAP console, and on a single screen, she sees the following information:

• The employee’s pay slip information and historical data
• The discrepancies the employee has reported
• An option to send the employee’s payslip to her manager, who has the task of sending it to their team
• Current pay data, which displays that the underpayment is still on its way
• An option to drill down on the discrepancy and update the employee’s payroll data to correct the information

All in one call between the employee and 1 Shared Service resource, in less than 8 minutes. The results are straightforward.

In this encountered scenario, using SpinifexIT’s Easy Help Desk solution drives your shared services’ efficiency up by 80%.

The SpinifexIT help desk solution allows HR and payroll support staff to:

Answer payroll employee questions faster

Identify the cause of payroll variances

Review the results and data from a single screen

Get tight integration with SpinifexIT’s solutions

Allow first-tier support staff to provide more answers about payroll and HR

Free up more skilled staff to focus on resolving the most difficult challenges

Dramatically increase efficiency and get an average time savings of 80%