Payroll Heroes 2022

Heroes don’t always come in capes. Payroll experts — our own workplace heroes — work behind the scenes to make sure payroll day arrives without a hitch. They work tirelessly to ensure the company’s financial stability and that the team gets what they work hard for.

Come meet our Payroll Heroes this year.

Cyndee Greenwood



1. What do you love about what you do? 

I love working at The Star’s People and Performance department! I love working in a supportive and collaborative team environment, where I can use my experience in human resources and IT to manage business applications and provide strong business/data analysis and reporting capabilities. I really enjoy working with stakeholders to deliver strategic initiatives through a consultative approach to streamline processes.

2. As a payroll specialist, what are your proudest achievements?

I commenced working at The Star about 14 months ago (without a payroll background). In a short amount of time, I have been able to both understand and contribute value within the payroll team and on the SAP implementation project by managing the reporting stream.

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run a perfect payroll?

The role SpinifexIT played with our implementation of SAP was around understanding our complex payroll and finance processes across a large organization.

We had a workshop session with representatives present to agree to a solution that will ensure consistency and accuracy in reporting, as well as simplify some of our complex reporting needs.

We worked closely with Randy, Tony and Kim to deliver a high quality solution for our reporting needs. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience!

Heidie Mientjes


1. What do you love about what you do? 

I love the idea that payroll is an essential service. None of us work for free, so I feel that a job in payroll aligns with my ethical values in trying to be the service that no one notices by getting things right.

2. As a payroll specialist, what are your proudest achievements?

There have been a few of moments that I’m proud of. Overall, the amount of knowledge that I have gained in payroll has helped me move into different roles, so my payroll career has never been boring, and I have met some amazing people!

I have been able to assist in reasonably smooth transitions from legacy payroll systems to SAP, and in doing so, improving payroll processes for both sites and employees.

I have also been part of a remuneration project in my previous role and felt good about ensuring that people have been paid correctly and satisfied that the company I worked for was trying to do things right.

I also am happy that my payroll experience has given me the ability to read and understand awards and EA’s which has helped me help my family and friends, as well as my “customers.”

3. In what ways have SpinifexIT solutions help you run a perfect payroll?

When I first started in payroll, Easy Help Desk was a great tool to help me learn and understand all the facets that made up an employee record. It was great to have all the employee’s master data and pay information in one transaction. For someone who had little experience in payroll when I started, EHD was an invaluable tool.

Now using Easy Reporter is wonderful because I have the ability to only use one transaction to gather information, where previously I had to use many transactions to get the information I need, and it wasn’t necessarily in a format that I wanted.

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