Work smarter with Strato 1.20

Quickly create custom data input fields and provide seamlessly integrated documents

Enhance your Strato experience with increased functionality

Behind the scenes, our software architects are hard at work coming up with ideas to make Strato even more essential to your workflows. Our latest update, Strato 1.20, comes with a new solution–Strato Forms–and developments that beef up the benefits of Strato Documents and Strato Storage.

  • Integrate the Solution

    Host forms internally and include these in your workflows without manual manipulation.

  • Increase Ease of Use

    Add automation to support your specific processes.

  • Work Smarter

    Rely on Strato Forms to apply logic to build custom workflows based on employee input.

  • Boost Search Speed

    Search, and you will find quickly with our new search engine.

  • Save Money

    No need to subscribe to third-party subscriptions to provide similar functions.

  • Save Time

    Turn to automation to do the work for you quickly and efficiently.


User-Friendly Strato Forms Offers New Solution

Build more user-friendly documents with the dropdown fields in the new Strato Forms. Use data from a pre-configured list or supported entities of SAP SuccessFactors for a workflow based on the user input (field selection from a dropdown list, text input, radio buttons, etc.).

Our new solution
supports more field types that form creators can use to build more user-friendly forms with Dropdown Fields and add attachments with the File Upload Feature.


Adding Dropdown Lists to your forms allows you to display a range of predefined values from which to choose. Users click on an option from the list to provide an answer and go on to the next step. For example, you can add a Dropdown List where the values link to a SuccessFactors picklist. 

A much-desired feature we’ve added is the File Upload Field. This form field enables the user to upload/attach a file via Document Generation.

Use this feature for form templates that require documents to be attached or routed to the user or approver, such as records and other official documents.

The assigned workflow changes dynamically based on the completed form due to Strato Forms’ conditional content logic capabilities.

Organizations can dynamically build more custom workflows based on the employee’s form input/responses. This is invaluable to onboarding and offboarding, performance evaluations and reviews, employee engagement, and training.

We’ve made Strato Forms a fully integrated solution. No need to host forms externally and manually upload/include the data. Instead, seamlessly include essential information into your Strato Automate and Strato Storage workflows. 

The cost reduction from replacing third-party input forms with Strato Forms benefits you. Improve compliance initiatives by hosting processes in a singular solution through a cohesive but visible process, rather than having segmented data sources that require manual manipulation. 

Greg Tutt_Headshot

Product Chief Technology Officer – Strato

“I’m very happy to share with our customers our new solution, Strato Forms, that will help them speed up or automate more processes. Our new search engine, together with Strato Forms, are the result of an internal Hackathon we organized in 2021 that we decided to productize”.

Strato Documents_Graphic
Strato Documents_Graphic

Upgrades Add Benefits to Strato Documents

The documents you produce in HR stand as official records of the employee life cycle that require flawless formatting. To help you achieve this high standard, we’ve added welcome features to Strato Documents.

The Preview Changes feature helps your documents retain that official appearance. This allows you to check for problems such as page breaks and formatting errors, eliminating them before converting to PDF form.

It’s difficult to get rows and sections in a document just right. Our Section Protection feature helps you with this by ensuring the contents and formatting of the paragraphs, rows, sections, and even a group of sections have the protection enabled.

This safeguards them from getting split by a page break when generating the document. 

Strato Storage

Find Documents Faster

Save time and money looking for documents with Strato’s File Search function to search for specific documents using keywords, phrases, and multiple search criteria. With this Advanced Search function, you can refine searches by using conditions in your search criteria.

Improved indexing also ensures the faster return of search results. Other features for File Search include exporting the list of search results as a CSV file that contains individual file download links. This allows you to simultaneously download multiple files from the search results in one ZIP file.

Strato Storage

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