webinar moving from sap to employee central payroll
Moving from SAP On-premise Payroll to Employee Central Payroll? | [Moved to October]
Moving from SAP On-premise Payroll to Employee Central Payroll? | [Moved to October] 1024 512 SpinifexIT

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Date: Will be rescheduled sometime in October

Time: 10:00 AM EST (GMT-4)

Host: Paige Elkins

Make your move to the Employee Central Payroll faster, better & easier!

Find out some of the considerations you and your team should think about when moving from SAP On-Premise Payroll to Employee Central Payroll.

In this session, Paige Elkins shares how SpinifexIT customers made their migration to the cloud faster, better, and easier by optimising their Payroll Control Center (PCC) implementation process and addressing their post go-live reporting requirements.

Find out more about SpinifexIT solutions.

SpinifexIT can solve your bulk report distribution issues
How SpinifexIT Can Solve Your Bulk SAP Report Distribution Issues | July 25, 2018
How SpinifexIT Can Solve Your Bulk SAP Report Distribution Issues | July 25, 2018 1024 512 SpinifexIT

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Date: July 25, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM GMT+10 (Melbourne)

Host: Steve Horne

Many companies still struggle with their SAP Payroll Report & Document distribution processes.

We’re here to help!

In this live webinar, Steve Horne will demonstrate how Easy Reporter can be used to efficiently format reports and prepare them for sending to a set of targeted audience on a specific schedule. He will also show how Easy Documents can be used to format, compile, and send documents to individuals and groups.

Customers who are currently using both solutions will benefit from the tips and tricks Steve will be showing during the session. Immediately apply these new techniques to make your report and document distribution processes faster, better and easier!

Just heard about SpinifexIT solutions? Learn how our solutions created for SAP and SuccessFactors can bridge the gap between standard payroll & HR reporting and document generation activities, and an even more optimised way to run HR and payroll core processes.

Find out more about Easy Reporter and Easy Documents.

SpijnifexIT Calgary user group meeting
Calgary User Group Meeting | August 24, 2018
Calgary User Group Meeting | August 24, 2018 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Date: August 24, 2018

Venue: Altalink, Calgary, Canada

*** This User Group Meeting is free for SpinifexIT Customers.

About SpinifexIT User Group Meetings

Our User Group Meetings are great venues for you to meet face to face with the SpinifexIT team and ask them questions or give feedback about SpinifexIT solutions.

You may also use this event to meet and network with other SpinifexIT users and SAP experts in your region. 

This event is FREE for all our invited guests. Breakfast and Lunch will be served throughout the session.

For any questions, e-mail us at [email protected].

Spinifexit latest release
2018.R2 Goes Live!
2018.R2 Goes Live! 1000 668 SpinifexIT

Improving your SAP Payroll Reporting and Document Generation User Experience with 2018.R2

Our second solutions update for this year goes live on July 23, 2018. With only barely three weeks to go, we’re inviting you to join our webinar so you can have a sneak peek at what’s in store.

Below are the top 5 most requested updates we’ve made available for you


Easy Reporter contains new pre-delivered localised and legislation-required reports

Easy Documents can also display user-generated payslips into two more different formats following popular demand


Easy Reporter‘s Web Reporting features have added performance improvements

Easy Clone has been made more flexible whilst copying and scrambling Employee Central data


Customise pre-delivered Payroll Control Center validation rules to optimise payroll reconciliation

Extend your Employee Central Payroll and Recruiting Document designing experience through Strato’s new options

Easy Reporter
Easy Documents
Easy Clone
Easy PCC

2018.R2 Highlights & Overview


This session was hosted by Tony Vitelli. To watch the replay, click the button below and fill out the form. The webinar will play right after.


This session was hosted by Paige Elkins. To watch the replay, click the button above and fill out the form. The webinar will play right after. 




Two ways. You can e-mail us at [email protected] and ask for an upgrade, or file a ticket using our Customer Care Portal. If you’re using one of our on-premise products, the update will be in the form of a transport. If you’re using Strato, the update will be included the next time you log in.

I’m using an old version. should i update to the latest one?

Of course. You can do a one time big time update rather than updating to the next version after yours. It’s easier and more practical that way. 

How many versions do you support?

SpinifexIT supports three active solution versions. If you’re still on 2017.R1, we highly encourage you to update ASAP. 

What benefits do i enjoy when i upgrade to 2018.R2?

We’ve enumerated the top 5 most requested enhancements only, but we’re really delivering over 30. You can view some of these in action by joining our webinar on the 19th. You can also view our public release notes by visiting our customer care portal. 

I want to learn more about your solutions.

Great! We highly recommend that you browse our solutions section, and if you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to send us the note using the form on the page’s footer. We can arrange for a quick call and demo. You can also e-mail us straight at [email protected]

Spinifexit webinar sap payroll reporting solutions update
Webinar – What’s included in our 2018.R2? Here’s a quick overview.
Webinar – What’s included in our 2018.R2? Here’s a quick overview. 1024 508 SpinifexIT

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Date: July 19, 2018

Time: 1 PM, EST

Host: Paige Elkins

Medium: Go To Webinar

2018.R2 goes live on July 23, 2018. We’re excited to show you our latest updates and enhancements and we’ve prepared this short webinar to give you a preview. Paige Elkins gives you a quick summary of what’s included in our 2nd release for 2018.

Following her overview, she will teach you how to access the new enhancements and features in your SpinifexIT solution once you upgrade to the latest version. The session runs for 30 minutes. 

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SpinifexIT webinar SAP reporting best practices
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers 1024 512 SpinifexIT

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We’ve identified the top challenges faced by payroll managers in an SAP Payroll environment today. Is your team experiencing the same?

Join our webinar on July 13th to discover quick and easy ways to navigate around these challenges.

SpinifexIT will be sharing the most common customer pain points, and how to address these using some of the best practices we’ve learned from our customers and years of working with hundreds of them. After the webinar, you can immediately start applying these tips and tricks to avoid payroll challenges and drive efficiency and accuracy across your processes.

In this webinar,  you’ll learn…

– What are some of the best practices to simplify the analysis of retro-calculations

– How to efficiently streamline the payroll production process

– And how to accurately combine data from multiple sources in a single report, all without leaving SAP


We’re giving away one (1) iPad Mini4 to a lucky registrant who has registered before July 10th AND completed attending the live webinar on July 13th. We will announce the winner and the claiming guidelines after the live session.

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Come see SpinfexIT successconnect Last Vegas
SuccessConnect Las Vegas | September 11 – 13, 2018
SuccessConnect Las Vegas | September 11 – 13, 2018 1024 512 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT will be joining this year’s SuccessConnect Las Vegas 2018 as a Silver Sponsor.

SpinifexIT joins this year’s SuccessConnect Las Vegas in September. As a Silver Sponsor, SpinifexIT will have their own exhibit booth in the expo. 


Meet our team of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Experts

Recently moved to SuccessFactors and wanting to maximize your cloud investments?

Thinking about moving to the cloud but still living in an on-prem world?

SpinifexIT has got you covered.

SpinifexIT solutions have helped over 300 organizations around the world to:

– Significantly increase their risk mitigation and compliance in both their on-premise and cloud systems
Optimize their implementation capabilities with rapidly deployable solutions
Improve the visibility of their data to support key decision makers and more!

Visit our booth at SuccessConnect Las Vegas to learn more about our solutions for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors!

SpinifexIT solutions for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors can help you optimize your key HR & Payroll processes

At SpinifexIT, we are passionate about making the complex simple. Our hybrid solutions have been used by over 350 companies including the top 3 HR & Payroll services providers around the world. SpinifexIT’s solutions make sure that over 5 million employees are supported and paid right. 

Integrated Reporting

Our Easy Reporter solution for Payroll & HR reporting helps you monitor your data quality and Integrity.

Payroll Control Center Implementation

Automate and increase the visibility of your Payroll processes with Easy Reporter and our Payroll Control Center integrated solution.

Successfactors Integration

Looking for a way to optimize your hybrid systems? Ask us about our SuccessFactors integrator.

HCM & Recruitment Documents

Easily create and distribute fully designed employee lifecycle documents from multiple data sources.

Total Compensation Statements

Create and distribute complex payroll documents in less than 2 minutes with our Strato solution.

Payroll Reporting & Reconciliation

Report on data from multiple sources and experience stress-free Australian, American and Canadian year-end payroll activities.

Employee Central Data Cloning

Reduce Database Cloning Time by 70 – 90% with Easy Clone.

Pixel Perfect Talent Card

Build and distribute PPTCs in seconds. Ask us about Strato!

Employee Inquiry Resolution

Empower your Payroll & HR Centers of Excellence with our easy-to-use helpdesk tool.

Join our online and on-site activities to win prizes!

Joining SuccessConnect?  Take part in our on-site and online challenge and get the chance to win a special prize. We’re raffling out a DJI Sparkfly Drone and two gift checks to three winners who will participate in our #ImWithSpinifexIT interactive game.

The winners will be selected and contacted on the last day of SuccessConnect. Here are the mechanics:

  • Take a photo with any of our SpinifexIT team members outside of the solutions expo.
  • Talk to us about your SAP HCM and SuccessFactors requirements – we’ll be happy to help!
  • Upload your best photo with our team members to Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn with the hashtags #ImWithSpinifexIT and #SuccessConnect. Tag our account (@SpinifexIT) and make sure your posts are public so we can count your post in.
  • Visit our booth – we’re at S2 and engage with our SpinifexIT team. They’ll be very happy to just have a chat with you and show you a live demo of our solutions. Make sure one of our team members scans your badge to qualify. There will be 1 DJI Sparkfly Drone winner, while we’ll give out two gift cards to two more lucky draw winners.

Visit our booth so we can catch up and see how we can help you and your team on your HR & Payroll processes. Or just drop by and say hi! Do you have any particular questions or demo requests in advance? Let us know by replying to this e-mail so we can reach out to you and schedule a time slot.

If you’re not joining SuccessConnect on-site, you may still follow our updates by clicking the hashtag #ComeSeeSpinifexIT on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to get live updates.

SpinifexIT successconnect Berlin 2018
SpinifexIT Breakout Session – SuccessConnect Berlin | June 19, 2018
SpinifexIT Breakout Session – SuccessConnect Berlin | June 19, 2018 1024 533 SpinifexIT

Moving to SAP SuccessFactors Solutions: A Step Toward Solving Your Top HR and Payroll Puzzles | SuccessConnect Berlin Breakout Session

So you’ve decided to move to SuccessFactors. What’s next? 

Moving to the cloud is inevitable. Early adopters have begun reaping the benefits of having a more flexible solution for their HR and payroll systems and are aligning their processes to accommodate new technology. However, user experience shows that the speed of adoption is throttled by multiple HR and payroll puzzles some organizations cannot easily solve. Many are still on the fence about rethinking their core HR processes and redoing their business structures, due to reasons including the fear of massive data migration. SpinifexIT, an SAP and SAP SuccessFactors solutions provider for over a decade, has put together several case studies and partner and customer experiences around moving to the cloud and maximizing SAP SuccessFactors investments. We’ll show how organizations either already using SAP SuccessFactors solutions or still considering them can avoid the possible complexities and pitfalls, and how our solutions can help them transition to business as usual in just days.

Event Details

Meeting Room: London One

Schedule: SuccessConnect Day 2 – Tuesday, 4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Meeting Duration: 30 Minutes Session + 15 Minutes Q&A

Speakers: Brendon Andrews-Warmuth and Henning Bachmayer


Brendon Andrews-Warmuth | SpinifexIT Australia / SpinifexIT Deutschland

Brendon is the Regional Solution Architect at SpinifexIT previously responsible for Australia and now working in the European market. He joined the Australian team in 2015, and will soon be moving to SpinifexIT Deutschland. Prior to joining SpinifexIT, Brendon has been extensively involved in various SAP and SuccessFactors implementation projects since 2009. Brendon will be the key speaker for SpinifexIT’s breakout session in this year’s SuccessConnect event in Berlin. Come see Brendon at Booth #G8, or by joining our session on Tuesday4:15 PM, at London One.

Henning Bachmayer | SpinifexIT Deutschland

Henning is SpinifexIT’s Business Development Manager across EMEA. Since joining SpinifexIT in 2016, Henning built a solid partner network across Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and South Africa. He has been instrumental in introducing SpinifexIT solutions capabilities across the regions. Henning will be facilitating the Q&A session in SpinifexIT’s breakout session. With Brendon and the SpinifexIT Global Team, Henning will be showcasing our solutions’ capabilities in this year’s SuccessConnect Berlin. See him at #G8, and join our 45-minute breakout session to learn more about our solutions for SAP and SuccessFactors.

Total compensation statements Strato Spinifexit
Use Case: Total Rewards / Compensation Statements from SuccessFactors using SAP Payroll Data
Use Case: Total Rewards / Compensation Statements from SuccessFactors using SAP Payroll Data 626 417 SpinifexIT

Create and generate comprehensive payroll documents directly from SuccessFactors without custom programming.

Total Rewards / Compensation statements are comprehensive documents that show what the employees have received throughout their stay in the company. The challenge most organisations face is its data source- SAP Payroll. To access this, they would have to create a custom program / interface to extract the information manually. This poses risks such as incorrect data and breaches in data privacy.

These manual and risky process can be avoided using SpinifexIT’s Strato Document Generation solution. View the quick demo above or watch the full webinar by entering your details below.

Learn more about Strato and the top use cases it solves for Payroll, HR and Recruitment.

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Easy Clone use case datacloning scrambling employee central spinifexit
Use Case: Cloning Employee Central Data Alongside Your SAP Data
Use Case: Cloning Employee Central Data Alongside Your SAP Data 626 417 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT’s Easy Clone solution can help organisations using multiple data sources keep their data secure and in sync.

Easy Clone helps organisations copy current and historical employee data and results from one SAP HCM and Employee Central environment to another in seconds. This solution can help you optimise your testing processes and protect your data integrity through its thorough scrambling processes.

With Easy Clone, you can significantly avoid audit risks and hefty fines by staying GDPR / DSGVO compliant.

See our Easy Clone for Employee Central solution in action. Sign up below to receive a copy of our webinar.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving Strato-related communications, which we’ll send once a month at most. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.