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Part Three A: Streamline Your Payroll Process
Part Three A: Streamline Your Payroll Process 1024 512 SpinifexIT

If I was asked if I have ever seen a Payroll Team that has no room for efficiencies, I would have to say no. It is not to say that I do not see many totally smart and efficient processes, but with Payroll, there is always new challenges and changes, which means it is an often evolving process.

This blog will focus on some of the areas for efficiency where I have seen customers totally streamline their payroll. This means that they can do much more with existing resources and focus on providing many value adding solutions rather than just processing the payroll.

You will get the most out of this blog if you are using or planning to implement…

  • SAP Payroll On-Premise
  • Employee Central Payroll
  • Payroll using a managed service provider (ADP, NGA)
  • Running SAP Payroll On-Premise with Master Data in Employee Central

It is not always clearly known within an organisation, what it takes to get the employees paid. Whilst we would like to think it is is just a matter of hitting a magic button on pay day, it is never the case. Especially in the world of today, things get more complex and payroll is one of these.

Most companies have Payroll across multiple Countries, many Payroll Frequencies, Full Time Part Time, Casual Employees and many of these employees with individual employee pay agreements or with complex pay rules. Many customers have external Time and Attendance Systems feeding their payroll, and now many customers have integration from Employee Central to Payroll.

Phew – I feel tired just thinking about it.

In order to process a payroll, this often involves several days of data entry, trial payroll runs and validations leading into the payroll run, just to ensure the calculations are all correct.

Then, once the pay has been run, it is all over…?

No luck – This is when further processes need to take place. Things like distributing reports out to management, creation of pay statements, reconciliation of payroll (often local things such as taxes, vendor payments and other tasks such as year end), interfaces to other systems.

Along with these items, the payroll team often takes Helpdesk queries from employees on their pay (low pay, high pay, certificate/form requirements, etc). In some of the customers I see, this can be several hundred to several thousand calls in a month. In many cases, a team is specifically set aside for handling pay queries.

Then finally, there are key things throughout the year, such as pay increases, hires/terminations (often in mass), and year end processing. You also have the occasional updates and changes to calculations, and/or new payrolls coming on (as might be the case with a new acquisition or even merging multiple payroll solutions).

Most of us only see the paystub at the end of each week or month, but there is a lot that goes into getting this right. Now I really feel tired just thinking about the Payroll Teams around the world!

Making the Complex Simple

As I have visited many customers over the years, one of my interests, is to hear from customers about how they do all of these tasks in a normal week. In many of these cases, there are specialists within most organisations, who simply don’t go on leave at certain times of the year as they just can’t hand this off to anybody else.

Regardless of the area, I have always been interested in how to make it more efficient. This is why 15 years ago, I started to develop add-on solutions to SAP, of which I am proud to say are being used daily within hundreds of companies in most major countries around the world. These solutions have always been built directly with the customer in mind and over the years, these have evolved to a comprehensive set of solutions.

I will reference some of these below, but even if you are not interested in add-on tools, the following will give you an insight into some of the areas that you may be able to look at, to streamline a payroll department, in some cases just with standard SAP processes that you may not be currently using.

Ok – Lets start to look at some of the areas for improvement.

Changing the Mindset – Running Payroll (Payroll Control Center)

One of the key items that I hear when talking to customers is how they talk about Employee Central, and how this will change the way the employees are engaged with the HCM system. The User Interface is fantastic for giving an easy method to access the data, and the employees can update most of the data themselves.

The ability for employees to view and update the system directly gives a huge improvement to the way they can interact with the system.

However, at the same time, when I visit many of these customers, from a Payroll perspective, it is very common that the Payroll Team is still logging into the SAP system through SAPGUI screens and executing Payroll directly from here.  Other customers may be using WebGui, or NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).

However, it is not really changing the way how the Payroll Team work day to day.

There are some good things to consider though. One of these is a newer Payroll Solution that SAP delivers in the latest releases called the Payroll Control Center.

This has been around for over 3 years now, and over this time I have been privileged to have seen it’s evolution from the initial concept of a streamlined way to check and examine payroll errors to then being able to execute the payroll process. Over this same period, the configuration and setup of this tool has been made simpler, and I believe it is now a solution that customers can greatly benefit from.

The Payroll Control Center allows you to now run the end to end payroll process (including identifying and examining payroll errors), all through a nice user interface that can be executed directly from Employee Central.

One real benefit of this, is that the upskilling of a new employee in the payroll team can be much less as they have a clearly defined process and simpler steps for running payroll. Especially if you have a complex payroll with multiple steps and different countries or payroll areas, where the Payroll Control Center can cater for these in a defined process.

I believe the Payroll Control Center is now something that most customers should consider if they are looking at options to streamline some of their payroll processes.

The Payroll Control Center is a great option for organisations who meet this criteria

SpinifexIT and Payroll Control Center

Spinifexit Get to know Payroll Control Centre accelerator

SAP Delivers a standard Payroll Control Center Rapid Deployment Solution, which means you do not have to setup everything completely from scratch, but this still requires an implementation and a fair amount of Technical Expertise, especially if you want to customise the Validation Checks.

As an alternative to the standard SAP Solution, SpinifexIT has built our own Pre-delivered solution which leverages off of our Easy Reporter for quick deployment (With no technical knowledge) of the payroll validation checks. We have also built in many additional functions on top of the standard Payroll Control Center solution to streamline how this works and integrates into your day to day processes.For more information about the SpinifexIT Payroll Control Center Add-on, please click here.

Streamlining Payroll Reporting and Reconciliation

Almost every customer I visit will have some overhead for reporting internally. This need is constantly growing each year, as most customers are looking to use the information in the Payroll System to make better business decisions. Some examples of areas that are increasing in demands include

  • Greater need for auditing payroll, especially due to more complex employees
  • Need for getting information out to managers to better run their business
  • Creation of extracts into 3rd party solutions (Vendor Deduction Reporting is one example)
  • Reconciling Payroll

Standard Reports – SAP already delivers quite a few reports that cater for many of your common needs. Reporting of Wagetypes, Leave Balances, Infotypes and many other areas are all possible. However, when the standard reports don’t quite cater for the customer need, there is often the need to turn to other methods. Make sure your team checks for standard reports before looking at other options. Reach out to your implementation partner if your team is unsure what reports are available.

Adhoc Query – Many report requirements and especially those with Employee Master data, can be built through Adhoc Query. This tool allows your team to build the reports required without needing to resort to manual processes or custom development. This is a great way to build any reports your team may require, without much overhead.

Excel – The most common and simplest, but brings the most overhead. The common process is to run several existing SAP reports and extract the data into local files. These files can then be loaded into Excel or similar tools to create the reports or analyse the data as required. Sometimes this is the only quick and easy way to produce the reports you require. Keep in mind though that this can have a lot of manual work and overhead to create the reports, not to mention, susceptible to errors.

Custom Reports – Whilst this can be a time consuming process, many customers here turn to custom development to deliver what they want. This might be to get data which is not available through standard reports, or to build the formulas required, or just to simply display the report in a nice web format. This is a great way to streamline your reporting where you might currently have a lot of manual steps to create a report.

Lastly, whilst many of the report needs are at the company level, there is often many adhoc requests from different departments and managers for information throughout the year. These requests are sometimes once off or recurring every pay or monthly. All of this can add much overhead to the payroll team. Often there is no way around these adhoc requests. If possible, try to reuse some of the above processes, especially if these adhoc requests start to become common requests.

SpinifexIT and Reporting

This is an area that SpinifexIT has specialised in for over 15 years. Payroll Reporting and Reconciliation are part of the core value add solutions that SpinifexIT provide.

The existing SpinifexIT Easy Reporter has access to the majority of the Payroll HCM data, and over the last few years, has made this data accessible through the Web Reporting menu. This allows execution of reports directly from Employee Central which then gives employees or managers direct access to some of the core payroll information.

These reports can be accessed through our Web Front end at the click of a button, rather than relying on older approaches such as ABAP, or Extraction of Data and manipulation in Excel.


This blog has given an overview of some of the areas that can be streamlined in SAP HR and Payroll. There are many other areas that can also be streamlined, and these will be described in the second part of this blog. This will include areas such as

  • Employee Correspondence
  • Streamlining SAP Upgrades
  • Dealing with Configuration Changes
  • Year End processes
  • Helpdesk access to data to answer employee queries

Even today where we have customers moving part of their data into the Cloud, and even in many cases moving the payroll to the cloud (Employee Central Payroll), we see that there are still many manual processes around the payroll team which could be streamlined.

SAP have made good progress through this streamlining with tools such as the Payroll Control Center, but in addition, SpinifexIT has specialised in this area and comes with great products and processes for further streamlining your payroll.

We would be happy to talk to you about any of the above processes and potential ways to streamline these items.

Spinifexit latest release
2018.R2 Goes Live!
2018.R2 Goes Live! 1000 668 SpinifexIT

Improving your SAP Payroll Reporting and Document Generation User Experience with 2018.R2

Our second solutions update for this year goes live on July 23, 2018. With only barely three weeks to go, we’re inviting you to join our webinar so you can have a sneak peek at what’s in store.

Below are the top 5 most requested updates we’ve made available for you


Easy Reporter contains new pre-delivered localised and legislation-required reports

Easy Documents can also display user-generated payslips into two more different formats following popular demand


Easy Reporter‘s Web Reporting features have added performance improvements

Easy Clone has been made more flexible whilst copying and scrambling Employee Central data


Customise pre-delivered Payroll Control Center validation rules to optimise payroll reconciliation

Extend your Employee Central Payroll and Recruiting Document designing experience through Strato’s new options

Easy Reporter
Easy Documents
Easy Clone
Easy PCC

2018.R2 Highlights & Overview


This session was hosted by Tony Vitelli. To watch the replay, click the button below and fill out the form. The webinar will play right after.


This session was hosted by Paige Elkins. To watch the replay, click the button above and fill out the form. The webinar will play right after. 




Two ways. You can e-mail us at [email protected] and ask for an upgrade, or file a ticket using our Customer Care Portal. If you’re using one of our on-premise products, the update will be in the form of a transport. If you’re using Strato, the update will be included the next time you log in.

I’m using an old version. should i update to the latest one?

Of course. You can do a one time big time update rather than updating to the next version after yours. It’s easier and more practical that way. 

How many versions do you support?

SpinifexIT supports three active solution versions. If you’re still on 2017.R1, we highly encourage you to update ASAP. 

What benefits do i enjoy when i upgrade to 2018.R2?

We’ve enumerated the top 5 most requested enhancements only, but we’re really delivering over 30. You can view some of these in action by joining our webinar on the 19th. You can also view our public release notes by visiting our customer care portal. 

I want to learn more about your solutions.

Great! We highly recommend that you browse our solutions section, and if you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to send us the note using the form on the page’s footer. We can arrange for a quick call and demo. You can also e-mail us straight at [email protected]

Spinifexit webinar sap payroll reporting solutions update
Webinar – What’s included in our 2018.R2? Here’s a quick overview.
Webinar – What’s included in our 2018.R2? Here’s a quick overview. 1024 508 SpinifexIT

Click here to register.

Date: July 19, 2018

Time: 1 PM, EST

Host: Paige Elkins

Medium: Go To Webinar

2018.R2 goes live on July 23, 2018. We’re excited to show you our latest updates and enhancements and we’ve prepared this short webinar to give you a preview. Paige Elkins gives you a quick summary of what’s included in our 2nd release for 2018.

Following her overview, she will teach you how to access the new enhancements and features in your SpinifexIT solution once you upgrade to the latest version. The session runs for 30 minutes. 

Register here to attend.

SpinifexIT webinar SAP reporting best practices
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers
Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers 1024 512 SpinifexIT

Click here to register.

We’ve identified the top challenges faced by payroll managers in an SAP Payroll environment today. Is your team experiencing the same?

Join our webinar on July 13th to discover quick and easy ways to navigate around these challenges.

SpinifexIT will be sharing the most common customer pain points, and how to address these using some of the best practices we’ve learned from our customers and years of working with hundreds of them. After the webinar, you can immediately start applying these tips and tricks to avoid payroll challenges and drive efficiency and accuracy across your processes.

In this webinar,  you’ll learn…

– What are some of the best practices to simplify the analysis of retro-calculations

– How to efficiently streamline the payroll production process

– And how to accurately combine data from multiple sources in a single report, all without leaving SAP


We’re giving away one (1) iPad Mini4 to a lucky registrant who has registered before July 10th AND completed attending the live webinar on July 13th. We will announce the winner and the claiming guidelines after the live session.

Register here to attend and join the raffle.

Come see SpinfexIT successconnect Last Vegas
SuccessConnect Las Vegas | September 11 – 13, 2018
SuccessConnect Las Vegas | September 11 – 13, 2018 1024 512 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT will be joining this year’s SuccessConnect Las Vegas 2018 as a Silver Sponsor.

SpinifexIT joins this year’s SuccessConnect Las Vegas in September. As a Silver Sponsor, SpinifexIT will have their own exhibit booth in the expo. 


Meet our team of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Experts

Recently moved to SuccessFactors and wanting to maximize your cloud investments?

Thinking about moving to the cloud but still living in an on-prem world?

SpinifexIT has got you covered.

SpinifexIT solutions have helped over 300 organizations around the world to:

– Significantly increase their risk mitigation and compliance in both their on-premise and cloud systems
Optimize their implementation capabilities with rapidly deployable solutions
Improve the visibility of their data to support key decision makers and more!

Visit our booth at SuccessConnect Las Vegas to learn more about our solutions for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors!

SpinifexIT solutions for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors can help you optimize your key HR & Payroll processes

At SpinifexIT, we are passionate about making the complex simple. Our hybrid solutions have been used by over 350 companies including the top 3 HR & Payroll services providers around the world. SpinifexIT’s solutions make sure that over 5 million employees are supported and paid right. 

Integrated Reporting

Our Easy Reporter solution for Payroll & HR reporting helps you monitor your data quality and Integrity.

Payroll Control Center Implementation

Automate and increase the visibility of your Payroll processes with Easy Reporter and our Payroll Control Center integrated solution.

Successfactors Integration

Looking for a way to optimize your hybrid systems? Ask us about our SuccessFactors integrator.

HCM & Recruitment Documents

Easily create and distribute fully designed employee lifecycle documents from multiple data sources.

Total Compensation Statements

Create and distribute complex payroll documents in less than 2 minutes with our Strato solution.

Payroll Reporting & Reconciliation

Report on data from multiple sources and experience stress-free Australian, American and Canadian year-end payroll activities.

Employee Central Data Cloning

Reduce Database Cloning Time by 70 – 90% with Easy Clone.

Pixel Perfect Talent Card

Build and distribute PPTCs in seconds. Ask us about Strato!

Employee Inquiry Resolution

Empower your Payroll & HR Centers of Excellence with our easy-to-use helpdesk tool.

Join our online and on-site activities to win prizes!

Joining SuccessConnect?  Take part in our on-site and online challenge and get the chance to win a special prize. We’re raffling out a DJI Sparkfly Drone and two gift checks to three winners who will participate in our #ImWithSpinifexIT interactive game.

The winners will be selected and contacted on the last day of SuccessConnect. Here are the mechanics:

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Visit our booth so we can catch up and see how we can help you and your team on your HR & Payroll processes. Or just drop by and say hi! Do you have any particular questions or demo requests in advance? Let us know by replying to this e-mail so we can reach out to you and schedule a time slot.

If you’re not joining SuccessConnect on-site, you may still follow our updates by clicking the hashtag #ComeSeeSpinifexIT on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to get live updates.

Spinifexit Payroll Control Center
Use Case: Introducing SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center Integrated Solution
Use Case: Introducing SpinifexIT’s Payroll Control Center Integrated Solution 626 417 SpinifexIT

Quickly define exception checks and use Easy Reporter’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to proactively identify errors.

SAP’s Payroll Control Center helps you improve the way you run payroll and start achieving perfect payroll runs through proactive reporting and reconciliation. However, to get these set up, users may need some technical configuration which may take weeks to build and test.

With SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter, organisations can cut down the Payroll Control Center implementation time by 85%. Combining these two powerful solutions brings forth more powerful payroll checks which helps their payroll team run perfect payroll processes and future proof the business.

Find out more about our Payroll Control Center integrated solution. Fill out the form below to get a free copy of our PCC webinar.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving Strato-related communications, which we’ll send once a month at most. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.

Easy Clone use case datacloning scrambling employee central spinifexit
Use Case: Cloning Employee Central Data Alongside Your SAP Data
Use Case: Cloning Employee Central Data Alongside Your SAP Data 626 417 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT’s Easy Clone solution can help organisations using multiple data sources keep their data secure and in sync.

Easy Clone helps organisations copy current and historical employee data and results from one SAP HCM and Employee Central environment to another in seconds. This solution can help you optimise your testing processes and protect your data integrity through its thorough scrambling processes.

With Easy Clone, you can significantly avoid audit risks and hefty fines by staying GDPR / DSGVO compliant.

See our Easy Clone for Employee Central solution in action. Sign up below to receive a copy of our webinar.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving Strato-related communications, which we’ll send once a month at most. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.

Spinifexit documents use case
Use Case: Easily Generate and Translate Job Offer Letters from SuccessFactors Recruiting Using Strato
Use Case: Easily Generate and Translate Job Offer Letters from SuccessFactors Recruiting Using Strato 626 417 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT’s Strato helps global organizations create and distribute documents for HR, Payroll and Recruitment in multiple languages with ease.

Most organisations require their employee lifecycle documents to be available in their local languages. An organisation operating across different countries may find this a major challenge, since most document generation tools only support English.

SpinifexIT’s Strato Document Generation solution solves this use case with a flexible solution that has advance formatting, filtering, translation and distribution options.

Watch this short preview, or view our complete Strato webinar, “Making Document Generation Faster, Better & Easier for SuccessFactors” by signing up below.

Learn more about Strato for SuccessFactors Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, and Recruiting.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving Strato-related communications, which we’ll send once a month at most. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.

gdpr banner
Use Case: How SpinifexIT Solutions Can Help You Achieve GDPR / DSVGO Compliance
Use Case: How SpinifexIT Solutions Can Help You Achieve GDPR / DSVGO Compliance 800 425 SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT solutions are equipped with numerous functionalities that will help your organization comply with the GDPR / DSVGO.

Earlier this month, we ran a live webinar for our Europe-based customers and contacts to showcase our solutions. These solutions, Easy Reporter, Strato, and Easy Clone, can help organisations provide the required compliance reports and documents.

The 30-minute session was led by Brendon Andrews-Warmuth. In the webinar, Brendon showed how each solution helps in terms of:

  • Access to data
  • Data Anonymisation
  • Data Management
  • And more!

Fill out the short form below to watch the webinar, view the Q&A, and download our GDPR Solutions brochure.

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail containing the webinar’s information. You can also opt in to start receiving GDPR / DSVGO updates once a month. If you do not wish to continue receiving e-mails from us, you may click “Unsubscribe”.

Opinion Piece: On SAP On-Premise’s Extension And What It Means To Our Customers
Opinion Piece: On SAP On-Premise’s Extension And What It Means To Our Customers 1024 683 SpinifexIT

SAP HCM beyond 2025

SAP recently announced that the on-premise SAP HCM Module will have its maintenance period extended from 2025 to 2030, hence giving existing SAP HCM customers a new option for continuing the use of their SAP HCM Module past the current 2025 deadline.  The announcement also gives customers a new option to migrate to the S/4HANA solution that supports the HCM environment.  This new environment will be based on the existing SAP landscape for easier migration, and the new solution will be based on the HANA database.  SAP have indicated that they will provide additional tools to help with the migration to this new environment, which is planned to be made available in 2023.  This new environment will be supported until 2030.  Details of the SAP announcement can be found here.

Initial reactions to the announcement

At the time of writing this brief article, there have been some documented comments to this news.  Generally the announcement has been seen as positive, although there are questions about the need for new licensing and the migration to the S/4HANA environment.  It will be interesting to see whether this announcement might make customers reconsider delaying  their move to some of the SuccessFactors Modules such as Employee Central, as this potentially gives customers the option to do nothing until they can see further details around SAP’s direction.

For more information on the comments, please see some of the following blogs.

A longer roadmap option for Payroll

In my opinion, the key item that I believe SAP HCM customers have been grappling with is the most suitable long term option for their SAP Payroll System and Payroll Processes considering the benefit in moving to SuccessFactors Employee Central.

As this point,  customers have the option to move to SuccessFactors Employee Central for their HR Master Data Management and core HR Processes, and keep their SAP Payroll on-premise system or have the option to migrate to SAP’s cloud based Employee Central Payroll Solution.  The other options available is to “lift and shift” to an SAP Managed Payroll Service which is offered by a limited set of SAP HCM Partners.   What we are currently seeing, the uptake to Employee Central Payroll is still in early stages and the same can be said for the “lift and shift” SAP Managed Payroll option.

Therefore, most SAP HCM customers have left their SAP Payroll system in current state (Generally in an on-premise ECC environment).  Some customers have migrated to SuccessFactors Employee Central and integrated it with their ECC Payroll, but from what we have seen, the majority of customer have done little at this stage.

How do you plan to manage your payroll processes?

The migration to SuccessFactors Employee Central is certainly in the minds of many customers today as it certainly represents positive business benefits and with the latest announcement of their program Upgrade2Success makes it a compelling strategy to consider. With many customers in the early stages of planning for this move, it will be interesting to see whether this latest announcement from SAP makes such customers put their move on hold for the time being.

At least this gives a longer term roadmap for SAP Payroll, and customers can then independently decide whether they take up SuccessFactors Employee Central for the management of the Employee Master Data and core HR Processes or continue to use the SAP HR On-Premise solution.

It will also be interesting to see if further announcements will be made over the coming months in relationship to a next generation payroll, as speculated by Steve Bogner in the following article.

Whilst SAP have only mentioned this new upgrade option in the article, it would be surprising if another longer term future based option for Payroll is not being considered by SAP.

What do we believe this upgrade / conversion will mean?

Here at SpinifexIT, from what we can understand from the announcement, the new proposed S/4HANA solution will be based on the existing SAP HCM solution, so this is good news and should minimise the work that customers would need to do to convert to this new solution. Customers who have a large amount of custom functionality such as reports or interfaces, there should be minimum changes to their existing solution.

The good news is that customers can look to invest into some of the newer technologies that SAP have recently released such as the Payroll Control Centre and have the peace of mind that this should be upgradeable to the new solution.

What does this mean to SpinifexIT Customers?

Our many SpinifexIT customers across the globe leverage a number of our solutions to address various SAP HCM use cases, including such use cases as it relates to Payroll operational reporting and reconciliation, Payroll Control Centre reportingEmployee and Management digital document, generation and distributionEmployee cloning across SAP systems, hence we see this as a promising announcement from SAP!

This topic has been a constant discussion with customers over the last 12 months with many of them seeking advice on what to do with their SAP Payroll system.  Whilst we have the majority of our customers still using just the SAP ECC versions, we also have numerous customers who have:

  • implemented the Employee Central Payroll Solution,
  • implemented S/4HANA
  • upgraded their database to HANA,
  • adopted Payroll providers such as ADP or NGA (Still running SAP Payroll as the solution).

All of these customers have had a questions about the fate of SAP Payroll past 2025, so at least there is a direction for these customers.

In terms of the SpinifexIT solutions, we will ensure that our solutions continue to work on the new S/4HANA proposed solution.  As the announcement from SAP indicates the new solution will be based on the existing SAP solution. Hence we would not anticipate any upgrade issues, just as we have not seen any concerns with our customers who just recently implemented S/4HANA.

In addition, regardless of what our customers decide to do today with their core SAP HCM System (Stay on Premise, or Migrate to SuccessFactors Employee Central), we have options to cater for use cases that they might encounter.  In all scenarios, SpinifexIT has the SAP user base covered with proven, tangible and productive HCM and Payroll solutions that augment the SAP Roadmap, now out to 2030.

More information about SpinifexIT

For more information about SpinifexIT solutions, visit our website at www.SpinifexIT.com. If you have any questions or if you wish to request a demo, we can be reached at [email protected].

Please join our webinar on the 18th of January. We’re featuring our cloud-based Document Generation Solution for SuccessFactors and SAP HCM (best for cloud or hybrid systems). Click here to read more about the topic & register.

SAP HCM expert Darren Souter

Darren Souter
SpinifexIT Global Solutions Architect

Darren has been developing business-optimising solutions for SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors for more than 20 years.  Darren’s leads the SpinifexIT solution team to develop innovative SAP HCM solutions that maximise the value of the SAP HCM Customer investment and help enrich the SAP HCM Customer experience.