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Webinar -SAP Reporting Best Practices for Managers
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We’ve identified the top challenges faced by payroll managers in an SAP Payroll environment today. Is your team experiencing the same?

Join our webinar on July 13th to discover quick and easy ways to navigate around these challenges.

SpinifexIT will be sharing the most common customer pain points, and how to address these using some of the best practices we’ve learned from our customers and years of working with hundreds of them. After the webinar, you can immediately start applying these tips and tricks to avoid payroll challenges and drive efficiency and accuracy across your processes.

In this webinar,  you’ll learn…

– What are some of the best practices to simplify the analysis of retro-calculations

– How to efficiently streamline the payroll production process

– And how to accurately combine data from multiple sources in a single report, all without leaving SAP


We’re giving away one (1) iPad Mini4 to a lucky registrant who has registered before July 10th AND completed attending the live webinar on July 13th. We will announce the winner and the claiming guidelines after the live session.

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SpinifexIT free webinar payroll reporting
Webinar – What Are The Best Practices In Employee Central Payroll Reporting
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Are you struggling when implementing Employee Central Payroll?

Learn how customers are using the SpinifexIT suite of products to address implementation and post go-live reporting requirements.

We’re inviting you to our webinar on June 22. This session will showcase the relevance of SpinifexIT products in an Employee Central Payroll environment, and especially addresses the considerations to be aware of as you plan your implementation.

In this webinar, you will

  • View a checklist of topics to consider upon making the decision to implement ECP
  • See how the SpinifexIT rapid implementation tool enhances SAP’s Payroll Control Center
  • View live demonstrations of SpinifexIT tools reporting on ‘cloud’ data

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