SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements To Its Strato Document Generation Solution

SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution

SpinifexIT Announces Significant Enhancements to Its Strato Document Generation Solution 150 150 SpinifexIT

VICTORIA, Australia, Aug. 25, 2021 — SpinifexIT today announced the latest release of Strato, its innovative document management solution for SAP SuccessFactors.


The new release contains updates that enable even tighter integration with a customer’s HCM processes through the addition of highly customizable workflow automations and new document storage capabilities.  

Strato enables smart HR and Payroll document generation and automated communications directly from SAP SuccessFactors. Each document workflow is flexible and can be modified to precisely fit an organization’s unique internal processes.

Strato eliminates the need for manual document generation and routing effort, making HR and Payroll processes more seamless and efficient. 

“With this release, we continue to add innovation to Strato. This update makes Strato even more equipped to cover the full employee document lifecycle – from document generation and distribution to storage – alongside SAP SuccessFactors workflow,” says Gregory Tutt, Product Chief Technology Officer – Strato.

“Having this much flexibility allows Strato to be the preferred method of document generation, signing, and storage for SAP SuccessFactors customers.”

New Features

The new solution update also enables Strato customers to:

  • Leverage automated communications and triggers to further expedite document routing, approval, and e-signing processes
  • Strengthen data privacy compliance by setting automated document expiry and deletion dates
  • Improve employee communications and engagement by making the movements and promotion process more transparent and seamless
  • Integrate Strato with 3rd party applications such CRM and internal ticketing systems

The latest Strato release features additional workflow automation and document storage capabilities for employee lifecycle documents created with SAP SuccessFactors HCM solutions.


The new Strato release will be available to customers at the end of August.

To learn more about this update, you may view the full release summary here. Visit the Strato website for more information or purchase Strato directly from the SAP Store.

View the full press release via EIN News.

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT is a leader in producing SAP-certified business process improvement SpinifexIT believes that with the right technology and the right partner, you can accomplish your SAP SuccessFactors HCM and Payroll goals with confidence.

Whether you are just beginning your cloud HCM journey or you have already moved to the cloud, SpinifexIT’s innovative solutions will help guide you by driving operational efficiency, improving critical reporting, increasing data accuracy, and minimizing compliance risks.

SpinifexIT is an SAP silver partner and its solutions are available at the SAP Store.

Learn more about SpinifexIT’s solutions at www.spinifexit.com.

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