Customer Win

Refreshing Applications and Creating Cost-Effective Alternatives

Using a customized version of SpinifexIT’s Strato Storage to help enhance the digitilization process.


SpinifexIT welcomes a new client in the global management consulting sector, introduced by Mike Mills and SAP. This client holds a prominent position as one of the top three firms worldwide in the field of global management consulting. 

 With a substantial investment in SAP and notable advancements in their SAP journey, they currently rely on OpenText for various applications, including HR. They have engaged us to explore a fresh solution and a potentially cost-effective alternative to OpenText.

The Challenge

Our client, the global management consulting firm, seeks a solution that allows alumni partners who have left the organization to access their individual documents, including annual tax documents.

Initially, this application will be rolled out in the UK and subsequently in other locations. Currently, the client manages this service manually through call centers.


The proposed solution will have several key impacts and deliver business value to the global management consulting firm. The client aims to establish a secure self-service portal for alumni to log in and access the required information, such as 2023 Tax records.

The primary business impact will be the reduction or elimination of the need for call center and HR staff members to retrieve this information manually. With an initial identification of over 2500 alumni members, this will result in significant annual savings.

The Results

SpinifexIT’s solution involves a customized version of Strato Storage, augmented with a comprehensive PS implementation to address the secure login requirement and facilitate API calls for various documents, including tax forms.

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