Customer Win

Identifying & Simplifying Digital Processes

Using a customized version of SpinifexIT’s Strato solution to help enhance the digitization process.


An American Swiss-domiciled technology company, referred to us by our partner SAP, is currently in the midst of a digital transformation journey. Within this transformation, they have recognized document generation as a strategic starting point.

The Challenge

This technology company boasts a global workforce of over 77,000 employees, and they are grappling with the multitude of document templates and varying hiring requirements across their global offices. To address this, the proposal and implementation have been divided into three segments: Non-English Speaking Countries (25K), English Speaking Countries (30K), and Mainland China (25K). 

The challenges stem from numerous template requirements and regulations that vary in each country, resulting in a slow and cumbersome hiring process. This has incurred significant time and resource costs for the company.

The customer identified the lack of digital processes, especially in workflow management, as a key factor contributing to increased manual intervention and processing delays. 

The company is actively seeking a solution to simplify their processes. They initially explored OpenText for a solution and, following the recent SuccessConnect conference, reached out to us to explore our solution. Many of their large locations in the US, China, and Europe still handle document processing manually. Senior management has identified this as a critical HR requirement for the future.

Impact to the Customer

This American Swiss-domiciled technology company stands to gain several key impacts and business benefits from our solution, including:

Document Automation:
The automation of documents currently generated by hand and signed manually will result in significant time and cost savings for the company. We are currently working on ROI calculations with them. 

Reduced Manual Effort:
The primary business impact lies in reducing or eliminating the need for call center and HR staff members to manually retrieve this information. With an initial identification of over 2500 alumni members, this translates into significant annual savings.

The Results

The SpinifexIT solution proposed involves a customized version of Strato, enhanced by a substantial PS implementation. This will cater to the secure login requirements and facilitate API calls for various documents, including tax forms.

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