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Create comprehensive documents using data from SAP On-Premise and Employee Central

HR/Payroll document generation is often considered a tedious process especially when the required data comes from different sources. Standard document generation tools provide only the basic functions such as text and data entry. This still requires a lot of manual rework for HR which entails creating several versions of one document to consider different employment types, benefits, and language requirements.

Then there’s the matter of document distribution. Most, if not majority of companies still require employees to request their document from HR or their Manager. The employee would then have to wait for HR to send them their documents, which may take time.

A document generation tool that optimises the document creation and distribution process massively increases an HR team’s efficiency and productivity.

SpinifexIT’s Strato Documents was made exactly for this business case. Strato works in both hybrid and non-hybrid data sources which makes the information required for each document so much easier to access. Its key features help HR save massive amounts of time and effort spent on document creation and distribution by making each document template highly customisable through smart conditions and filters, advanced design features, automated translations, digital signature routing and self-service.


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Data timeliness and correctness

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Strato Documents for your Recruitment document needs

Most organisations especially in the European and Asian regions require their employee lifecycle documents to be available in their local languages. An organisation operating across different countries with different language requirements may find this a major challenge, especially since most document generation tools only support English.

SpinifexIT’s Strato Documents solves this use case by providing a flexible solution that has advance formatting, filtering, translation and distribution options

Traditionally, the recruiting process entails manually creating, reviewing, signing the Job offer letter, and then manually updating the Candidate’s information in SuccessFactors

Manual way of sending job offer

Strato Documents makes this process faster and more efficient with its digital signature routing workflow. It also automatically updates the Candidate’s SuccessFactors recruiting data and your posting’s status in an instant once all signatories have completed the process. With this workflow handy, your Recruiters can dedicate more time to finding and hiring the right talent for your organisation.

Strato way of document generation

Meet Strato Documents

Richly formatted smart Employee, Payroll, Recruiting and Talent Management documents from SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Payroll

SpinifexIT Strato on-deman document generation

Cloud-based deployment

Strato can be configured to use your SAP SuccessFactors data in less than 5 minutes. Its cloud deployment does not require transports and patches to be loaded into your system. Start designing and sending your documents within minutes!

Filters & Conditions

This incredibly powerful feature allows your team to create a document template just once, and then use Strato’s smart filters and conditions to create multiple document outputs. This saves your team a lot of time and effort by making each template fully reusable.

Multiple data sources

Strato can read data from SAP On-Premise, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, Recruiting and Talent. This enables your team to create and distribute a full range of employee lifecycle documents and correspondences.

Digital signature routing

Increase the efficiency of your recruitment process by 80%. Generate Job offer letters and employment contracts, and route these to its recipients through a smart digital signature platform. The corresponding SuccessFactors Recruiting record gets updated automatically all in one go.

Pre-populate PDF forms

Upload a PDF form into Strato then supply the fields it requires once before publishing it to self-service. With this easy process, your employees would no longer need to type up or write down their information to complete their required government, travel or claim forms.

Translate your documents

Create a single base template in one language then generate it in another with just a few clicks. There is absolutely no need to recreate multiple versions of your template to generate as many multilingual documents in Strato.

Companies operating across different countries or in a country with multiple languages will find this function very handy.

Self-service Widgets

Generate, send, or route documents from a Strato tile in your SAP SuccessFactors dashboard. Configure multiple types of these tiles for employees, managers, Payroll specialists, recruiters and HR specialists in just 10 clicks.

Full customisation

Create elegantly designed documents in various formats with Strato’s document editor. You can upload multiple images, create custom borders and margins, add your brand’s header and footer, and more within an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

How about my payroll documents?

Create and generate comprehensive payroll documents directly from SuccessFactors without custom programming.

Total Rewards/ Compensation statements are comprehensive documents that show what the employees have received throughout their stay in the company. The challenge most companies who are already in SuccessFactors is that documents like these require data from SAP Payroll.

To access this, they would have to create a custom program or interface to extract the information manually. This poses risks such as incorrect data and breaches in data privacy.

These manual and risky processes can be avoided using SpinifexIT’s Strato Documents. View the quick demo right here >>

How easy is it to create & distribute complex payroll documents? It took us less than 2 minutes with our Strato Documents.