SAP SuccessFactors Documents

Automate the design, distribution, routing and storage of your SAP SuccessFactors Documents

Create and send HCM documents and employee lifecycle documents and correspondence with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

Strato Documents lets you automate your core HR processes and store your documents securely. Optimize your SuccessFactors document generation process and improve your employee and candidate experience.

Use automations that save you lots of time

Create a document template once and add conditions that automatically change your document’s content based on your selections.

Set up a workflow and have Strato run it for your documents from start to finish.

Stay compliant with data security policies

Using an external application for every HR and Payroll requirement poses multiple data security risks.

Having a single integrated solution to build your SuccessFactors documents ensures your data security protocols are followed all the time.

Build perfect SuccessFactors documents

Your team can learn and master Strato fast! There is no need to do custom coding and learn complicated programming. Build and send documents even on day 1 using hundreds of built-in, user-friendly features!

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Better SuccessFactors Documents with Strato Documents

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What you can create with Strato Documents

SAP SuccessFactors Documents at your fingertips

Strato Documents supports your HCM and Employee Lifecycle by making the creation, design, automation, distribution and storage of your SuccessFactors documents a breeze.

SuccessFactors Documents requiring multiple levels of approvals and signatures

Modules: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

  • Recruitment letters
  • Contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Benefits and eligibilities
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Pay increase

Performance management documents

  • Promotion/Change of employment letters
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee movement letters
  • Disciplinary action
  • Termination of employment

Generation of HCM/Employee Personal Documents

  • Certificates/Verification of employment
  • Statement of benefits/total rewards
  • Insurance and leave availment
  • Documents to support personal loans and benefit claims
  • Statement of service
  • Clearance forms

Meet Strato Documents

Document Generation for your SuccessFactors Documents

Cloud-based deployment

Strato can be configured to use your SAP SuccessFactors data in less than 5 minutes.

Its cloud deployment does not require transports and patches to be loaded into your system. Start designing and sending your documents within minutes!

Filters and Conditions

This incredibly powerful feature allows your team to create a document template just once, and then use Strato’s smart filters and conditions to create multiple document outputs.

This saves your team a lot of time and effort by making each template fully reusable.

Multiple data sources

Strato can read data from SAP On-Premise, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, Recruiting, and Talent.

This enables your team to create and distribute a full range of employee lifecycle documents and correspondences.

Digital signature routing

Increase the efficiency of your recruitment process by 80%. Generate job offer letters and employment contracts, and route these to its recipients through a smart digital signature platform.

The corresponding SuccessFactors Recruiting record gets updated automatically all in one go.

Pre-populate PDF forms

Upload a PDF form into Strato then supply the fields it requires once before publishing it to self-service.

With this easy process, your employees would no longer need to type up or write down their information to complete their required government, travel or claim forms.

Translate your documents

Create a single base template in one language then generate it in another with just a few clicks. There is absolutely no need to recreate multiple versions of your template to generate as many multilingual documents in Strato.

Companies operating across different countries or in a country with multiple languages will find this function very handy.

Self-service widgets

Generate, send, or route documents from a Strato tile in your SAP SuccessFactors dashboard.

Configure multiple types of these tiles for employees, managers, payroll specialists, recruiters and HR specialists in just 10 clicks.

Full customization

Create elegantly designed documents in various formats with Strato’s document editor.

You can upload multiple images, create custom borders and margins, add your brand’s header and footer, and more within an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Full or partial automation of your SuccessFactors Document Generation

Set up workflows that automatically trigger the document generation and distribution of your HCM Documents and correspondence following SAP SuccessFactors changes and events.

See Strato Documents in Action

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Automate Applicant / Candidate Movement

Employee Movements – Change of Title/Pay