Payroll & Tax Reconciliation Made Easy

Powered by SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries® for SAP®

Eliminate errors associated with Australian payroll & tax reports

Payroll and tax reconciliation activities were usually completed at least once a year, towards year-end. This proves to be a very stressful period for the Payroll team. The process may take not only days, but weeks.

Proactive payroll reconciliation can help save organisations over 150 hours per year.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries automates the payroll reconciliation process and makes it easier for the Payroll team to fix payroll discrepancies and properly validate payroll data with just a few clicks.

Meet Easy Payment Summaries®


A powerful and easy-to-use reporting for SAP®

Reduce year-end stress

Easy Payment Summaries has time-saving results analysis features that can help you efficiently identify errors and potential conflicts in less than one day.


Continuous reconciliation

Reconcile all payments made to employees using wage type configuration reports, exception reports, and tax reconciliation reports regularly without manual data extracts.

Automate correspondences

Pre-configured employee letters and communication such as Lump Sum information and Payment Summary details can be generated or sent to employees on-demand, or on a defined schedule.

Legislation Adherence

ATO legislative updates are included each year into Easy Payment Summaries. EPS will continue to evolve following new pay and taxation laws to help organisations remain compliant.

Immediate ROI

Aside from avoiding potential fines, Easy Payment Summaries can help your team allocate more time, cost, and effort to value-add HCM activities rather than doing the dirty work. We've made a study comparing the top 3 reconciliation processes organisations use, and how our Easy Payment Summaries solution reduced the time & effort spent to almost through its automations.

Per Pay Period Reconciliation

An organisation with a fortnightly pay period will usually spend 3 hours simply reconciling payroll per fortnight.

78 Hours  / 10 Days*

per year dedicated to payroll reconciliation

Year-end Reconciliation

Two consultants may use a couple of weeks to go through all reports and reconcile payment summaries.

 160 Hours / 20 Days*

spent reviewing reports and preparing correspondences

No / Partial Reconciliation

This massive activity may take 3 – 4 weeks and can require 2 – 3 specialists to complete. 

360 Hours  / 45 Days*

just to complete a full reconciliation activity… once.

With Easy Payment Summaries

Automated reconciliation processes will help the payroll team spot an error and correct the issue in just a few clicks.

8 hours / 1 day

spent on perfecting recurring and year-end payroll requirements.

* There may be issues encountered while running the reconciliation reports, which can possibly add 2 more working days per issue to test and re-run

A Customer Reviews Our Payroll Reconciliation Solution

"My first job where I used SAP, we already had SpinifexIT’s Suite so I have been spoilt with how easy the different modules make my life. Analysing Pay data, testing payroll errors or config changes, generating separation certs and other custom documents… SpinifexIT products help me do it all.
SO easy to use too!"
Ann-Louise Woon
Lead, Payroll Services
"SPIN and FIX your end of year reconciliations via SpinifexIT’s Easy Payment Summaries! I cannot remember processing payroll without using a SpinifexIT solution!"
Ihris Revelman
National Payroll Manager

Dramatically reduce your Payroll & HCM cost with SpinifexIT solutions

  • Create & distribute reports without technical assistance
  • Create and reconcile reports from both SAP On-Premise and Employee Central
  • Do all these without exiting the SAP/ SuccessFactors environment
  • Take advantage of all pre-delivered reports & reconciliation templates
  • Stress-free year-end payroll & tax reporting & reconciliation


Say goodbye to ‘firefighting’. Easy Payment Summaries’ automations will help you…

  • Stay ahead of reconciliation deadlines
  • Comply with ATO requirements
  • Have access to your most timely & accurate data
  • Reconcile, validate and update in one smooth process
  • Prepare employee letters without fuss

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