Reduce Database Cloning Time by 70 – 90%

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Optimise and secure your Payroll testing activities

Standard payroll testing activities include compiling and copying data, scrambling employee information, uploading these into the test system, running simulations, then checking for inconsistencies. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it is a very complex process especially for organisations keeping their data in both SAP on-premise and Employee Central.

Having a payroll testing solution that can easily fetch data from multiple sources and is a key requirement.

With the recently implemented General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, DSVGO for Germany), safeguarding the employee’s personal information takes number one priority. This exposes organisations who do not have an airtight payroll testing and training process to audit risks and heavy fines.

Data scrambling and the complete anonymisation of your employee’s information during payroll testing activities isn’t just an option – it is mandatory.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Clone® solution for payroll testing has been specifically designed to copy employee, organisation and payroll posting data from a production system to a testing environment, without compromising security.


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Copying and scrambling de-clustered payroll information in less than 2 minutes

SpinifexIT’s Easy Clone solution can help organisations using multiple data sources keep their data secure and in sync.

Easy Clone helps organisations copy current and historical employee data and results from one SAP HCM and Employee Central environment to another in seconds. This solution can help you optimise your testing processes and protect your data integrity through its thorough scrambling processes.

With Easy Clone, you can significantly avoid audit risks and hefty fines by staying GDPR / DSVGO compliant. Preview Easy Clone’s cloning and anonymisation features

Meet Easy Clone®

A Fast, Secure Way to Copy SAP HCM, Payroll and Employee Central Data and Results

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Copy From Cloud & On-Premise

Copy data from both SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with just a button press. Easy Clone seamlessly integrates between the two systems, making it easier for you to finish upgrade testing in less time while ensuring all the data you need can be included.

Full anonymisation

Scramble sensitive employee information for testing and training purposes and avoid privacy red flags. With Easy Clone, employee information can be scrambled even to the most minute detail. Individual fields’ content can also be randomised and linked to an infotype if needed.

Protect Data Integrity

Copy data from both SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with just a button press. Easy Clone seamlessly integrates between the two systems, making it easier for you to finish upgrade testing in less time while ensuring all the data you need can be included.

Reduce Testing Efforts

Steamline your HCM and Payroll upgrade, enhancement pack and hot pack testing process by automating the generation and scrambling of your test data.

How long does it take to copy data from your production to your test system?

An organisation who recently updated their Payroll solution selected 100 employees to test their new product with.There are several options on how organisations can test their systems, as seen below.

They can manually hire and run payroll for the 100 employees. To do this, they would have to extract the employee’s information from SAP and Employee Central then download it into an excel sheet. From there, they can do V-LookUps to link each Employee Central employee to their payroll information.

Once linked, they would need to scramble their data sensibly to protect employee information during the procedure.

This process alone takes 40 hours or 5 days.

They can also pick employees who are already in their test system and then run the payroll using their information.

This process may take just 2 days, but will significantly decrease the integrity of data since the information may no longer be update.

A simple client refresh may do the trick.

This would take 3 days and the assistance of an SAP Basis specialist.

Since this entails manual processes and borrowing resources, the organisation only tests their payroll every 6 months, which makes it prone to errors.

SpinifexIT Easy Clone

It’s simple. They can copy the 100 employees from the production system using Easy Clone. It only takes around 20 – 30 seconds to copy one record.

With Easy Clone, copying employee data securely only takes 1 hour, significantly reducing the data cloning and scrambling process by 90%.

And now you have secure production data in your test and development systems!

What kind of data can you copy and scramble using Easy Clone?

SAP On-Premise

  • Employee Master Data (infotypes)
  • Payroll Results
  • Time evaluation reports
  • Organisational Data
  • Payroll Posting Details
  • Audit logs and many other fields

Employee Central

  • Personnel Information
  • Employment Details
  • Payroll Information
  • National ID
  • Dependents’ Information
  • Contact Information, and so much more

With SpinifexIT's Easy Clone, you can:

Copy Master data from multiple sources
Scramble sensitive data to protect it from unnecessary access
Eliminate the need for manual data exporting, copying and scrambling
Ensure new developments run correctly
Reduce audit risks and avoid paying legal fines
Use existing SAP authorizations