Strato 1.14 comes with a new solution that optimizes and automates your HR key processes and saves your organization hundreds of hours a month. 

Meet Strato Workflow

Strato Workflow provides an option for organizations to further optimize their Employee Lifecycle processes by automating activities that previously required human touch points.

This includes automating key processes and transitions from recruiting to onboarding, performance management, and movements, leading to employee termination or retirement.

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Time-saving automations and scheduling functionality

A secure routing and approval process to aid your compliance requirements

Added visibility to support your audit logs

Streamlined, customized process based on your own HCM flow

The Candidate Job Offer process traditionally takes multiple steps, manual follow ups, multiple emails and calls, and highly likely pages upon pages printed, reviewed and shredded in the process before a final version is sent to the Candidate, manually signed, and then manually scanned and saved in their Employee File. 

With Strato Workflow, this process can be summarized as follows:

The effort it takes to process this workflow is a single click which starts it all!

Likewise, if you require special approvals for high ranking positions, Strato can be configured to change the routing process following smart conditional logic based on business rules.

Here are other workflows you can build and execute in Strato: 
  • Applicant Selection Process
    • Applicant Screening Questionnaire
    • Sending Invitation emails and letters
    • Rejection for disqualified Applicants
  • Automated Letter of Offer generation
    • Including integration with Digital Signature and E-Signature solutions
    • Ability to add notes and comments during document approval
    • Secure portal for Candidates to log in and check their offer letters
  • Employee Movement letters such as promotions and transfers
  • Payroll Documents such as Change in Salary and Benefits
  • Employee Clearance and Exit Processes
    • Triggering the clearance process ahead of the termination date
    • Sending a Certificate of Previous Employment as part of the employee’s exit package on their last day of employment

And more!

Introducing the Strato Dashboard Widget

All your documents and workflows in one space!

Access, generate and track all your documents and workflows in one single screen. Strato Dashboard provides you a single view of all your current and completed workflow processes, current process owner, and the next steps required to complete the routing and approval workflow. With the new Dashboard Widget, you can:

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Build your ESS / MSS / HRSS

Fewer clicks to access and send the right document saves you lots of time

  • Strato Users can easily generate documents for themselves, their team, other employees, and current applicants and candidates
  • Track which documents were generated and sent in the past
Track all your Workflows’ status

Have a high level of visibility across all your current activities and take the right action with the right correspondent to further expedite

  • See which workflows are active and completed
  • Identify process owners for each routing stage
Strato 1.14 will be available soon in your UAT system. Log in to our Customer Care Portal to view the 1.14 Release Notes.

Connect with your SpinifexIT Consultant or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about Strato and the upcoming 1.14 updates. You may also reach out to us for any training requests, otherwise, please log in to the Customer Care Portal to access our Strato Knowledge Base.